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Stacy's First Whole30


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Hello fellow Paleo eaters!!!! Today is my second day on the challenge and I have had a headache pretty much all day. I am a mother of two small children so I am thinking that it is linked to my previous sugar addiction. I started yesterday at dinner so today was really my first full day...here is how my meals went...



Preworkout snack-half of a stalk of celery with a little almond butter




M1- 2 over easy eggs over a bed of baby greens with some sauteed mushrooms onion and peppers...drizzled with my own home made vinaigrette, a few olives and a clementine.

M2-sliced steak over a mixed greens salad with sunflower seeds, clementines, mushrooms, yellow peppers, and cucumbers a few olives and some more of my vinaigrette over the salad

Snack-An apple with a tablespoon of almond butter




M-3 Home made pulled chicken in the crock pot stuffed into romaine leaves...it was sooo gooooood! with some lemon pepper broccoli and baby carrots....HERE IS THE LINK TO THE PULLED CHICKEN 




I have been drinking a lot of water and have felt tired all day..I do feel like I am in a haze and just feel like poop. It was a little more difficult for me to make a BM last night but eh I guess my body just has to get used to all of this good stuff I am dumping into it. I used to not eat all day pretty much until dinner time, so making myself sit down for meals has been nice...


Also got up earlier then usual today to go for a morning walk so maybe that is why I am pooped. I should have taken a nap with my baby...I will post again tomorrow!!! 



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Hi stacy!


check  out the timeline - what you're feeling is right on track!! you can also see what you should likely expect along your whole 30 journey :)




if you're hiking/exercising, make sure you're having decent pre/post WO meals on top of your 3 meals. these may replace your "snacks" - preWO is protein and fat, postWO is lean protein and starchy vegie carbs. depending on the intensity of your "walk", it may not be so necessary then but i'd imagine a hike would expend a bit more energy!!


if you are hungry between meals and need a snack, go for a proper mini meal of protein fats and vegies - your meal one could have been a little bigger (perhaps 3 eggs, or as many as you can hold in your hand) and this may have kept you satisfied longer.

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Hi Stacy! I started yesterday, as well! :)  


I am a mother of 3. My household eats paleo (a recent change mid July), but I am the only one doing the Whole30. I feel a bit foggy today, but am looking forward to finishing and reaping the benefits! Would love to support each other in this journey.  :rolleyes:

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The snack in the morning was for pre work out, and then i had my breakfast...And I did not eat enough at dinner yesterday so, I did find myself eating some nuts and dried fruit a couple of hours later..but it was still 2 hrs before bed...so I do think that was ok... 


My muscles are sore today so I may or may not take the day off of excercise. Last night I went to bed an hour earlier then norma, and slept in until 7 this morning, getting up to make the hubby some breakfast and pack his lunch...I feel like if I do not do it for him he will not follow the challenge with me. He just has a little belly that had developed over the last 4 years so I am sure eating this way he will shrink down to nothing in no time. 


In high school I weighted a tiny 145 and never worried about anything I ate. Before high school I was always the fat kid because my parents did not really care about nutrition at all and we just ate mac and cheese and pb&J every day, also with an added chicken wings or pizza at dinner, at adult portion sizes. Upon entering college I was less active and just started eating badly. I gained weight but not an unhealthy amount. 


When I got pregnant with my fist daughter I gained 60 pounds, lost some of it afterwards and then just gained 40 for the second pregnancy. Now here I am unhappy with my saggy tummy and ready to make a change. I am finally thinking about what I am going to eat for breakfast and lunch instead of just what the kids are going to eat. When I prepare my meals they look so good and I am so impressed at what I have created for myself, Cooking is like art and it is really satisfying.


I am really missing sugar. Coffee...desert...and yesterday we packed a paleo picnic dinner to take on our hike and my friend who came along brought chips for her kids and my tongue was begging me to eat one chip...but I resisted! My will power has never been stronger! 


Hi Jo!!! I do not know if that is your name but sure we can support each other... just by letting my friends and family know that I am doing this I have also been blessed to have a few friends jump on board and do the whole 30 with me. I feel like I know I have more will power than them so I am always checking in with them. I stay home and have no crap to eat in my house. They work and have access to a wide variety of yummy disgusting foods lol. 


I joined the whole30 program in hopes that I can lose a few pounds in time for my trip to India. When I went last time I did weight about the same, maybe a little less, but my fiance's Indian mother kept suggesting that I start doing yoga...it was like ok ma I get it you don't like that I am fat!!!! I want to feel better and look better mostly for me, but also for my family...this is a good start! Here we go....just to get past the headaches!!!!!!!    

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Today I had mild headaches but it seems to be a little easier to deal with, considering I have a 4 year old and an 21 month old who think they are world famous singers...


m1-3 small over easy eggs over a bed of baby greens with some sauteed mushrooms peppers and onions, tomatoes, a few black olives and some sunflower seeds, and a clementine


m2-sliced steak with mushrooms peppers and onions with a whole cucumber on the side cut into 4 slices and salted (love cucumbers) and a kiwi 


snack- 2 stalks of celery with a tblspn of almond butter for dipping


m3- oven roasted chicken leg with roasted cabbage,sweet potatoes,onions,zucchini,carrots,and portobello mushrooms and some cashiews because my chicken leg was a little on the small side


the food is great...i love cooking..and my fiance brought me home roses to tell me just how much he appreciates my effort so far!!! 

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Yes, Jo is my name. ;-) Glad to support each other!


Yesterday I was a bit hungry in the morning, so I had a snack. Then I made sure I ate a hearty lunch and was good. I did have a big headache last night, so I just took tylenol and went to bed early. I realized that I might be suffering from lack of caffeine. I know they say you "can" have coffee, but I wanted to eliminate it during the Whole30. 


Today was a lot easier for me. I am grateful I have been doing Paleo since May, so I don't feel it's TOO much of an adjustment. 


I do find that my snacking habit is a tough one to kick, but I have been able to get past those episodes. 


I am doing an 8 week challenge with a friend in IL which ends right before Thanksgiving. Seems like a while away, but I am super excited to see the end results.


I gained a bunch of weight myself during my last pregnancy (had twins!) and have had issues losing the weight due to my body's chemistry getting all out of whack. Now, after reading ISWF, I understand it has a lot to do with my food, as well! :)


I had a dr. appt at the end of Aug and she was THRILLED with my numbers improving drastically. So, I am looking forward to going back in December after doing this for 60 days! Major goal is to get off blood pressure medicine and diabetes medicine I started after the pregnancy).  She is already ready to scale back the blood pressure medicine! ;-)


Great job today!  And, so fabulous of your fiance being such a loving support. That really helps! 


Have a great night!

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