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Bacon Bacon Bacon

Barb E

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I've looked and I can't find it - I have access to bacon that uses some honey in the curing process - these pigs are raised the right way - on the pasture!  I know the ranchers personally, in fact she's doing this Whole30 with me!


So I'm confused on if their bacon is compliant or not.


No added sugar but like I said, a small amout of honey is used in the curing process.


Please tell me I can eat this bacon...



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Hey Barb,


While this is out for your Whole30 because of the honey, your whole30 is ONLY 30 days! After you're done, this is a really good choice for bacon in your every day life. Well sourced, good ingredients, etc.


As an aside, if your rancher's doing a Whole30 with you, why not see if she can get a slab cured without the honey just for you guys during the next month?

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They don't have a pig up to be butchered anytime soon - they just sent some to all packaged up



I was going to change to Whole60 but then I realized my birthday is right in there and LOL Nope, I am not going to be Whole30 on my Birthday!!

So I think I'm going to have a few days - and I'll eat some bacon during that off time.


I may try ordering some from US Wellness (I see they're stocked up again) but I have to order so much that I really don't need since I get everything else here.  What I'm not willing to do is eat Bacon that I'm not familiar with how the pigs are treated/fed/etc so the store Bacons are out for me



I find it HILARIOUS that I'm more unhappy about missing Bacon that I am the 'crap' food I was eating!!  :lol:

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