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Iodized salt (with sugar)


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I just happend to stare at my package of table salt while I was cooking and realized that 'sugar' is listed as an ingredient. I checked the Morton salt website, which says 100g salt contain 40mg of sugar. So if I had 5 grams a day, I'd have 2 mg of sugar.

Is this significant for my Whole30?

I'll look for sugar free salt this weekend. I'm on day ...mmm, I don't remember exactly (I guess that's a good thing :) )... well, around day 20 and don't want to feel I've compromised my Whole30 by ingesting probably less than 2 mg of sugar a day.



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All iodized salt includes dextrose/sugar, including sea salt. The sugar is a binder that keeps the iodine attached to the salt. This may be different outside the United States.


The Whole30 does not make room for small amounts of off-plan ingredients. At least not knowingly. It is one thing to miss something and another thing to go ahead based upon the justification that it is a small amount. Personally, I eat lots of fish, some sea weed, and take an iodine supplement to make sure I get enough iodine. And then I buy salt that is not iodized. 

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