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After 3 back-to-back W30s, I have become very comfortable with eating to template, and have varied only occasionally, usually with forethought and intention, to do proper reintroductions.  Cheese and I are still friends.  Soy and I are not.  Nor are tomatoes or potatoes and I on speaking terms.


In fact, both my inability to digest high starch foods and my issues with nightshades seems firmly entrenched, and I will probably just have to live with those.  The pain caused by anything starchier than yams is encouragement enough to avoid grains and legumes, and potatoes are still my most sensitive reaction, being both starchy and a nightshade.  And I still react to even incidental encounters with nightshades, including the spices made from them, although it takes a few hours, rather than a couple of minutes.


85% cacao and I are friends.  I can enjoy a piece or two, without triggering sugar cravings, and I find it enjoyable.  Bonus: everyone else finds it way too bitter, but I find it sweet enough, so it's all mine!   :P


Wine and I are acquaintances.  I can enjoy a glass of wine with a meal.  Although a second glass will hit me rather harder than it used to.  so, no driving at all, even after only one glass, just to be on the safe side.


It's the accidental encounters that seem to be the worst.  They usually happen when life (with 5 kids at home) gets nutty, and I don't have time to prepare a proper meal, and someone offers me something.  That has always ended badly, unfortunately.  It is amazing how many things have soy, potato starch, corn starch or paprika in them!   :ph34r:


Today, I am recovering from a reaction to a hidden ingredient in last night's last minute, improvised dinner, and I have no idea what it was.   :blink:


It's so much easier to control this stuff when I'm the only one feeding me, from my own kitchen, with my own ingredients.  But then there are days when I would have to skip meals to do that.  Well, truth be told, that's happened almost weekly too.

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So, digestive system is all settled down and back to normal.  I actually felt quite a bit better by 4 p.m. Friday, so it was about 14 hours of upset, painful stomach.  I ate to template, both breakfast and lunch, even though I didn't want to eat at all, but it seems to have been a good idea, and by dinner my appetite was back.  I wish I knew what I encountered that set me off.  Ah well.

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