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Pre and Post Workout Fuel


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On days I do CrossFit, I usually get up at 5am, get dressed and get something in my tummy before I hit the box at 5:30

Last year, I began using Vega Sport Products, because they really aided in my recovery during marathon training.

But they aren't exactly Whole 30 compliant....

The Pre-Workout Energizer has sugar from brown rice syrup and organic palm nectar. I will not workout on a full tummy, drinks are it

Vega Sport - which I drink after a WOD - has protein from peas, sacha inchi, sprouted whole grain brown rice and alfalfa

I know that legume and rice protein aren't great, but I don't know what else to eat!

Since I go right home after I workout and eat within about 30 minutes, should I just skip the recovery drink for the duration?

I'm open to any and all suggestions, thanks!

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your meal after training should include little to no fat, so it wouldn't be a complete meal. i know that i'm hungry not long after a postWO meal - it definitely wouldn't satisfy me until lunch. could you have a postWO, then a proper meal one later? you could pack it and take it to work with you if that's what you do? the extra nutrition is really important.

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