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Paleo for 20 months. Started doing IFing in Jan 2012. 16 hour fast/8 hour eating. Since reading ISWF I started eating breakfast again most days. I am going to start August 1st and do a Whole30 as programmed. I am not having any problems currently, just wanted to see if anything is better by following your program.

I know I am more on the low carb, mostly protein and fat side of Paleo. I feel great, I am where I want to be physically, meaning happy with body image, strength, energy, etc. I've been doing CrossFit on an empty stomach, then not eating anything for 4 hours after workout. I know ISWF will think that is crazy. I didn't have any troubles when I switched to that. But I also don't know long term effects of doing that at age 42.

So my true stress is this...I eat when I am hungry and eat till I am full. I eat mainly protein and healthy fats (never enough veggies and no starch). Today I'm adding a pre and post wod meal, and three meals a day as recommended. Worried that I am going to gain weight. I want to feel the best I possibly can so that is why I am trying this. But I can't help worrying about weight gain. I am very active, following CrossFit Invictus programming for Performance. I think its about 4/5 days a week. I am a personal trainer and even when I am not working out I am active by getting out and putting away weights (9 hours a week of training others). If I gained muscle, I wouldn't mind, just don't want to gain fat. ;-)

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Follow the portion guide of a serving of protein with each meal that is the size of the palm of your hand (or twice the size of your palm if you are hungry) and the rest of the plate filled with veggies and you should be fine. And by including a broad range of veggies, you may begin getting some nutrients that have been missing from your diet before. You might actually feel better.

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