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Day 6- Kill ALL Things + Nap constantly- can I just order delivery?!


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So to be honest today has probably been the worst all week. Exhausted, ALL food tasted terrible, not satisfied, did I mention exhausted, and CRANKY!

I'm not to excited to jump & blame my food for all that today.

I'm thinking:

1. No workout today

2. It rained ALL day

3. Hubby off today

4. Trapped inside with hubby, 4yo, infant, & dog all day

5. Female crankiness

6. I just really want pizza

It seems my nerves are on edge today. So everything... EVERYTHING sets me off. My poor hubby. He is also doing it with me. He has had no tobacco (snuff) in 6 days so I'm sure he feels way worse!

I started having a weak moment around dinner.... I was exhausted, just woke from a not so satisfying nap, dinner wasn't any good (IMO), and every channel was airing pizza commercials ALL day. Literally.

I don't think I'm going to cheat because I KNOW how I will feel if I do. Gluten intolerance here, but never stopped me before lol. So I'll just suffer through it. But it doesn't mean I don't want pizza any less. Why do they have to make it SO convenient? Ugh.

On the plus side.... I did step on the scale this morning.... I know, I know. (Slapped my hand)

And Im down 9 lbs already! That's insane! I didn't really expect to loose a lot but I did expect to loose about 10 while doing W30. I know that when you cut the junk what's going to happen plus CrossFit 5x a week.

Something I have discovered.... I need to do some form of workout every day. In the mornings. I feel so much better when I do. I really think it set my tone for the whole day! Even though I've had to back way off weights this week I've exceeded my expectations & goals on rounds!

Hope everybody had a great weekend!

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Yeah, pizza was a big one for me. It was day six or seven, that i really wanted to order Papa John's. Most of my TV watching is Amazon Prime, but regular TV with those food commercials are horrible. 


On a side note, it shows what kind of state we are in. During most commercial breaks, I see at least one food and one medication commercial. 


Hang in there, and try not to kill anything or kick any puppies.

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Just now seeing this....

Thanks! I toughed it out & managed just fine. Now on Day 10. Haven't had any cravings really since then. I have noticed a habit that I wasn't really positive I had. Grazing. Not just randomly all over, but with my daughters foods. 1 bite of chicken nuggets here, 1 bite of cereal there, etc. I knew I did it but now that I am consciously having to stop myself & think before anything enters my mouth I realize how often I did it!

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The grazing can be very noticeable during the Whole30. I used to finish the boys' foods also, because I hate throwing food away. Now, if they don't finish, it goes in the fridge. If they get hungry, that is what they can eat. If it is still there by the end of the day, it does get tossed. My oldest also loves to share, so he understands why I say no thank you when he offers something.


Good job getting through to day 10!

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