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Am on day 31 and down 9.5 lbs!  Was hoping for that, but am truly shocked.  I have never been able to follow a plan such as the Whole30 before in my life and I have no idea why this time it stuck. I have tried weight watchers, myfitness pal, phone apps, countin calories, have been a gym goer almost my whole life. But, it's true what they say and that is that you cannot work off a poor diet!! Only did yoga and walked (way less than my normal routine) for the past 30 days and just cleaning up my diet lost 10 pounds.  Most of my changes have otherwise been mental.  I still don't sleep totally great because I have sleep apnea, which I expect will lessen if I lose more weight.  But, I do fall asleep easier, and have more stable energy and moods throughout the day!  Was planning on cheating a little bit today but now that it's here, I just want to keep going!

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