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Crafty's Whole30 2.2 - starting 09/23/13


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Back with my tail between my legs. This summer, I was all over the place with my food. Which meant my weight, skin issues and other unpleasantries were also all over the place.

I did make the discovery, though, that when I eat gluten, I get a runny nose. So that's something.

Today was day 0. I cooked up the following:


- Cinnamon Beef Stew from Well Fed. I cooked it on the stove to the point of bringing everything to a boil, then moved the stew to a crock pot so I could leave the house. Can't wait to eat this tomorrow, along with the orange gremolata the recipe calls for.

- Greek Meatballs from Balanced Bites

- Full package of chicken thighs-roasted with salt, pepper and garlic powder

- Dozen HB eggs


-Roasted peppers and zucchini

-Roasted cauliflower

-cream of butternut squash and apple soup: roasted 3 12-oz bags of TJs butternut squash with an apple, pumpkin pie spice, curry powder, s&p, then threw in the Ninja with the pan juices from my chicken thighs, Imagine chicken broth and coconut milk. Soooo good!

-Roasted sweet potato

Also a batch of mayo.

So I'm pretty well-off for the week.

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Day 1 - 09/23/13


3 HB eggs
Roasted cauliflower
(Counting the egg yolk and the coconut oil my cauliflower was roasted in as my fats)

butternut squash soup
(2) roasted chicken thighs
roasted zucchini/peppers
HM mayo

cinnamon-beef stew
1/3 sweet potato
sauteed kale

No matter how many times I do W30, it always amazes me how quickly I feel better.

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Hooray for you!  I don't think gluten makes my nose run, but it sure makes me tired and crabby!


How was the cinnamon beef stew from Well Fed?  I've been thinking of trying it.  The soup sounds delicious.  Is it sort of sweet?  I may be in the minority, but I don't like my b'nut squash soup sweet.  I think I may try your method but leave out the apple.  Really great idea about saving the chicken thigh drippings to add to the soup!


I'm not going to lie - I'm a bit jealous of your stash of yummy foods.  I bought chicken thighs and brisket yesterday and need to be sure to do something with them tonight.  Sadly, they're not going to cook themselves! 


Good luck!

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