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iloveartichokes' WHOLE30 photo log (started Monday, 7/16/2012)


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Day 0, food prep...chicken veggie soup "singles", beets, chicken, cauliflower, cabbage, spaghetti squash, ground beef, berries


Day 1, Meal 1...turmeric/garlic/ginger ground beef, garlic/ghee spaghetti squash, beets, berries


Day 1, Meal 2...chicken stew "single", Moroccan mint green tea


Day 1, Meal 3...pecan-crusted salmon, garam masala/ghee riced cauliflower, beets


Day 2, Meal 1...leftover pecan-crusted salmon, garam masala/ghee spaghetti squash, beets, berries


Day 2, Meal 2...funny thing, I was really busy and hungry today, and ate everything before I remembered to take a picture! It was chicken, beets, pistachios, a pear, and Moroccan mint green tea ;)


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Thanks! You can freeze these jars, too (not all canning jars can go in the freezer, these are wide mouth, pint size, and are freezer safe..just leave an inch or two space at the top for expansion).

My soup recipe is in my head, not really written down, but I will type it out for you. It is highly variable depending on what I have on hand :)

In a big pot saute in ghee or coconut oil or olive oil - garlic (by itself for a minute so it can brown), onions, carrots, bell peppers.

When the veggies are aromatic and softened add raw chicken thighs (bone-in is best), 4-8 cups broth (homemade broth makes a HUGE difference!), some fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme, oregano, any spices you feel like (I always end up adding some cumin because it's my fav), salt and pepper, and a bay leaf or two. Splash in some white wine vinegar and/or lemon juice. Another good thing to add (if you like lemon) is a bit of fresh lemon zest...really livens it up. Let the chicken cook through (about 20-30 min). Take the cooked chicken out and let it cool on a cutting board until you can handle it. Shred it apart with a fork or your hands (hands are easier). Add the chicken back to the pot. I sometimes cook extra chicken and save some for chicken salads. Cooking it in all those flavors makes it really good and moist. I also like to add zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, kale, or whatever veggie I have and let it cook in the liquid.

Sorry this isn't in standard recipe format. Hope it helps anyway!

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Thanks, Emily!

What I've heard/read about the jars...the ones that have a shoulder are no good for the freezer because when the liquid inside expands it wants to expand straight up, so if there's a shoulder in the way it will crack it. So, you have to get the jars that are straight up and down (called wide mouth). I bought a case of the jars for $12 at the grocery store, and it said right on the package which of their jars were freezer safe and which were not. The ones I bought are the largest wide mouth freezer safe jar they make (pint size, aka 2 cups).

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I actually have a pressure canner, so my chicken soup is on the shelf, along with my home canned chicken, ground beef, sausage, green beens and beets. Downside of canning chicken soup in the pressure canner is that even if you start from raw, the veggies end up REALLY soft.

Mmmm...pistachios! Looks really like a good start for the day.

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