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Headache from Kombucha?


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I am on day 16 and for the last three days I have woken up with a slight headache. It could be from allergies, but I have had some GT's Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha on each of those days, so I was wondering if anyone has heard if Kombucha can give you a headache? I feel like any detox symptoms should be gone by now, so I am trying to figure out what this could be. I actually feel like I have a slight hangover but I know that I do not because I have not cheated at all during my 16 days.


Any advice?

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I haven't had the kombucha in two days and I am still waking up with a slight headache/hungover feeling. It is day 19 for me. Could I still be detoxing? This seems like a long time, so I am trying to figure out what it could be? I have only had these kinds of foods the whole time: lean meats, veggies, ghee, balsamic vinegar (no sulfites), olive oil, apple cider vinegar, water, avocado, raw almond butter, a handful of cashews and a few berries. I have been eating a lot of food, so I am definitely not starving or skimping on meals. It is so strange to keep having this light headache. Any advice?

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I have been waking up in the night a couple of times and I had not had many starchy vegetables because I was afraid they would cause gas. I did have some sweet potatoes yesterday and today though and did get a little bit of gas but not that bad.


For example,



2 scrambled eggs with ghee, shitake mushrooms, red peppers, spinach

1/2 avocado



Baked sweet potato cubes (about a little more than half of the whole potato) with olive oil and coarse sea salt

Chicken breast

Sauteed spinach with ghee



Halibut with lime, ginger, coconut aminos, fish sauce, red chili pepper, cliantro

Baked sweet potato cubes (baked same way as above)

Sauteed Bok Choy


Water to drink



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