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Low energy


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I hate to keep asking questions but I just want to make sure I'm doing this right. I'm on Day 16 and the past couple of days my energy has been dragging. I've also been having some sugar cravings. My cycle started Saturday and I was ok until late Sunday. I haven't been easing up on my workouts and have been eating the same. Is this normal or is this a sign that something bigger is amiss? I thought this was the phase where I was supposed to have my energy boost but didn't know if little monthly visitors interfered with that!

Thanks so much!

Stephanie (:

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Your cycle could definitely have messed with your energy levels a bit. Just make sure you're sleeping enough and eating enough carbohydrates to fuel your workouts.

You might even want to take a couple of extra rest days, to just focus on recovery. Maybe go for a walk, do some yoga, etc.

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Not to get too personal, but are you over 40? I'm over 40 and....well...a heavy bleeder (a lovely surprise I got for my 40th birthday, LOL). Anyhow, if I'm on a heavy day, my @ss is dragging for sure. Those are designated RED MEAT days. Extra iron seems to help, and for some reason, red meat even more so.

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