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Early period won't stop


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Today is day 30 of my first Whole30. Unfortunately, I started my period about two-and-a-half weeks early (I've been on birth control for three years). After a week, I went to my school's clinic, where I was given a pregnancy test (negative) and prescribed different birth control pills. They said that the bleeding should stop about a week after switching pills. It's now about two weeks later, and while it's not as heavy as before, I'm still bleeding. I'm planning on going back to the clinic on Friday, but I was hoping that in the mean time someone might be able to explain what's going on. If not, any suggestions on what exactly to tell the doctor in order to narrow it down would be great.

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Hi there!


I'm so sorry you're having troubles with this! As Melissa mentioned in a similar thread, it's incredibly different to even guess at what's happening with your sex hormones without having a ton of detailed information that most of us are not nearly qualified to interpret.  I'd suggest checking with your clinic doc. They may be able to help pinpoint what might be causing the ongoing bleeding.

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