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I just read It Starts With Food cover to cover and I'm getting ready to start my first Whole30. I'm currently doing 5/3/1 (a weight training program that involves lifting 4 days per week) in the mornings, a boot camp class twice a week in the evenings, and maybe a pickup basketball or soccer game on the weekends.


I think I've got the "carb curve" thing figured out for the bootcamp and pickup sports, but I'm not sure about the weight training. Technically, weight training is high intensity - during the set I'll be breathing hard and my heart rate goes up - but then there's rest time between sets and overall I don't get too tired from a cardio standpoint or break a major sweat. The total weight session lasts maybe an hour, but time spent actually working is only about half an hour.


So, after weight training, do I refuel with carbs assuming I just did 30 minutes of high intensity work? Or do I have no carbs, since I didn't go all out the way I do in boot camp, getting all tired and pukey and sweaty etc.?

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