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Pre-WO - How much food is enough food?

Barb E

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This is how it looks:

Alarm goes off at 4:00

Feed/potty/etc 2 dogs

Out the door by 4:45 for CrossFit


I found recently that eating a hard boiled egg doesn't sit well so this morning I had about 2 fingers worth of Primal Pac jerky dipped in Guacamole - is that enough food to set off the "Oh hey she's going to go work really hard"?


Though I find Post WO meals difficult (Not hungry quite soon enough so have to make myself eat) this Pre WO is really proving difficult!!



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I have always read contradicting info on eating pre workout but more and more recently I have read that if you don't eat before workout you won't burn fat during your workout your body will instead pull from muscle. what do you guys think?

I don't workout to burn fat, but I rarely have an actual preWO (lunch is generally 1.5-2 hours earlier) and my muscles aren't eating themselves....

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