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Whole 30 + Portion Control

Whole Amy

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I completed my first whole 30 about a month ago.  I finished and felt great, had mental clarity, controlled the sugar dragon and my stomach and skin had never looked better.  Since that time I have remained whole 30 for the most part with my food choices, but have not done so well with creating balanced meals with enough fat and protein.   Today I am starting my second whole 30 - my goals:

1) Sleep better

2) exercise for health - not weight

3) keep to my plan - regardless of who is around

4) weight loss - last time I know I ate too much fat, I ate lots of nuts, nut butters and added fat to already fatty meat....so I will watch it this time.


Todays food plan:


Breakfast: 2 extra large eggs with mushroooms and spinach, 1/2 avocado

Lunch: salad with turkey and lots of tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms and olives...olive oil/ balsamic

Dinner: lamb/ beef meatballs with steamed broccoli

After dinner: hot team with coconut milk


I am committing to tracking my plan for each day.  If I fail to plan...I am planning to fail!

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Hey Amy,


Good stuff! You sound very prepared and clear on your goals. 


I'm on my second Whole 30 also. My first one was about a year and a half ago. I'm working on stopping the emotional eating patterns which I've returned to since that original Whole 30. While I would like to lose weight, I'm not making that the focus of this particular Whole 30. 


What things are you looking to address to sleep better? Just getting to bed earlier - which is a challenge in and of itself - or some other things? I'm just curious cause I've read a bit about how important the circadian rhythms are to a healthy lifestyle, but I have not worked much on this area, myself. :)


Hope your first day is going great!


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Thanks Sara - I appreciate the encouragement!  I just finished my lunch and was craving sweet and said, let me go post for today and if someone has posted on my log it means I should not give in - so thank you for the post!  As far as sleep I want to be able to fall asleep faster, many nights I lie in bed for an hour or more trying to doze off.  Last night was great - I went to bed fast and slept until 5:30 without needing to get up to use the bathroom.   I know my body is sensitive to caffiene so I don't drink coffee or and green tea only in the morning - however I allow myself dark chocolate all the time!  I was eating a fair amount some nights...so I am curious if cutting that out helped.


Today meal plan:

Breakfast: 2 extra large eggs with mushroooms and spinach, 1/2 avocado

Lunch: lamb/ beef meatballs, parsnip/ carrot puree, salad tomatoes and cucumbers, olive oil/ balsamic

Dinner: chicken with broccoli, sweet potatoes/ coconut milk

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Breakfast: eggs, cucumbers and tomatoes, apple slices


Lunch: kale salad, chicken, fruit


DInner: steak, vegetables


Today is the day that I am officially going to throw away my scale - I have had this scale for more than 10 years, and it has seen me go up and down, and then stay at pretty much the same place for years...no matter what I did.   It has the power to make me eat more when I show a loss, and eat more when I show a gain because it makes me depressed.   It has way tooo much power.  I can go from feeling great to feeling terrible in a second from just thinking about it.  I am not tying my self worth to that thing any more R.I.P.

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