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Day 21 and I am fed up of eggs, endless cooking and constantly thinking about what I can eat next


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I definitely feel a case of blahs right now. I am 21 days into the Whole30, but this week I really feel like throwing in the towel.  I'm just bored. I am reaping some rewards (better sleep, looser clothes, an awareness as to the whys and whens I crave certain foods), don't get me wrong, but it's the constant thinking about cooking, shopping and cooking that is killing my mood, not to mention my pocket book. I'm exhausted by it all. In addition, my daughter has been sick (so there's been a few sleepless nights for me and her!) and now I'm fighting the cold/cough my daughter had last week and there have been meals that I really don't want to eat. I haven't always eaten according to the template on days like that (I wanted to flush out my system vs tie up digesting heavy proteins), so while that may sabotage my results a bit (even though I have not yet eaten off the whole30), so be it. I get the lessons, I do. I was gf, cf and moving towards grain free as well before I embarked on this. I know I can resist temptation as my house guest of 11 days was passing chocolate and red wine around like no one's business.  So, apart from the desire to be part of the elite who have succeeded with the whole30, and hence giving in to a different sort of peer pressure, can someone please remind me as to why it is worth sticking it out to the magic number of 30?



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