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September 24th - First Whole 30


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Today is the start of my first Whole 30. I've known about W30's for about a year but I've finally decided to do one. I bought It Starts with Food (3/4 of the way through it) and last night I cooked up a bunch of food for this week and I'm feeling very confident in my abilities to not stray. Hopefully I'll be singing the same tune next week as well.


Below is what I've had so far today.


Breakfast:  Stirfry: Ground beef, onions, garlic, snap peas, celery, squash, cabbage, carrots, coconut oil, stir fry sauce from Well Fed, egg drop soup and 4 deviled egg halves.


Lunch: Salad: Lettuce, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, red bell pepper, cucumbers, green onions, grilled chicken thigh, creamy italian dressing from Well Fed, an Orange and Mint Tea.


Planned Dinner: Chicken thighs with artichoke hearts, capers, broth, lemon juice and brussel sprouts sauteed in ghee with garlic.



I am having some heartburn though which is pretty uncomfortable and I've been craving sweets which is odd for me since I'm more of a savory person. The orange and the tea did help with the sweets craving though.

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Two of the reasons I started the Whole 30 is due to PCOS and anxiety. I would love to find a more natural way to treat both rather than taking prescriptions. When I started dabbling in the primal/paleo lifestyle about a year ago I did start to notice a difference with my anxiety but not so much with the PCOS. I do take a ton of supplements for both though. I've read numerous times that you should ditch dairy when you have PCOS due to the affect it has on your hormones and the inflamattion factor but for some reason I just dug my heels in and didn't want to believe it. I'm kind of hoping that won't be the case for me since I love cheese but I'm sure it won't be. Sigh.

Today was just as the timeline stated it would be although instead of feeling hungover, I felt like I had the flu. I had body aches and chills and I was very emotional. I took some natural calm cal/mag and an aleve before bed to help with the aches so I could fall asleep.

B: Ground beef with NM red chile, 1/4 yam, 2 fried eggs, 1/4 avocado, Yerba Matte Latte

L: 2 Chicken thighs sauteed with artichoke hearts, mushrooms, capers, onions, broth and lemon juice with 1 cup brussel sprouts and 1/2 cup of squash sauteed in ghee.

D: Grass fed ribeye with sauteed mushrooms and roasted sweet potato with mayo and horseradish.

If anyone notices if I'm eating too much or not enough of anything, please let me know. Like I said, I'm a newb.

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Day 3 was nowhere near as bad as 2! So far I'm feeling good and enjoying the food! Hopefully I'm saying that in 27 days.

B: Leftover steak, mushrooms and sweet potato with two eggs and a banana. I was hungry, can ya tell?

L: Leftover steak, mushrooms, sweet potato and salad with homemade vinaigrette. That was a huge ass steak!

D: Salad with two chicken thighs, 1/2 an avocado and salsa with cantaloupe.

I have a pot of chocolate chili from Well Fed on the stove and it smells amaze balls! I did add about a tablespoon of cayenne though. I love food that melts my face off! We're supposed to go camping this weekend! Chili is perfect camping food!

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