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feeling fat.


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So I understand that my body is adjusting to this new way of living and eating food. but I am just got to be your stereotypical girl and say it....I feel fat. Mainly in my mid section. super bloated. I guess? I think that's what it is. Granted the cabbaged may still be arguing with me but I just wanted to post a couple days of food for a little feed back.


I am also training for my first marathon, its close to race day so I am cutting my mileage back to 25 miles a week. Race is Oct 6.





Breakfast; 2 eggs with mushrooms and spinach, 1/2 a sweet potato, 1/3 avocado, 3 strawberries, coffee with coconut milk, 1-2 tbls


Lunch: Palm sized chicken breast, 2/3 cup acorn squash , broccoli, 1/3 avocado, broccoli


dinner: palm size amount of skirt steak, a lot of cauliflower, 1/2 sweet potato, salad with balsamic vinegar


ex 2:


Breakfast:2 eggs with spinach, mushrooms and about a 1/4 cup left over ground turkey, 1/3 avocado, banana - coffee with coconut milk 1-2 tbls


Lunch: Chicken over greens with lots of veggies, avocado and balsamic


snack: apple with almonds


dinner: pork loin, 1/2 sweet potato, broccoli with 1/3 avocado


ex 3....


ok my day 3 looks almost identical to the others!! ha- I need to incorporate something more exciting. Its comforting sticking to the usual right now though....



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I would say though as someone that runs that your food looks very light for someone who is training for a full marathon. Are you doing pre/post wo meals? 2 eggs isn't really a full serving of protein unless you have exceptionally small hands. I can hold 4 myself.

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i cant really eat too much before i run. this am i ran 10 miles and i had maybe an ounce and a half of chicken with avocado spread on it.


breakfast was 2 eggs, cabbage, musrooms , 1/3 cup sweet potato, banana and peach


(I was quite hungry in here)



Salmon curry -salmon, veggies in coconut/red curry sauce


dinner :ground turkey, spaghetti squash, broccoli, almonds.

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I think your meals sound a little low in fat, particularly since you're also using lean cuts of meat a lot of the time. If you're training, have the postWO meal as well as the three normal meals - it should be about a meal sized portion of lean protein and starchy carbs with little to no fat.

Your body is likely going to go through lots of changes, but just trust in the process! You're only a few days in - you're likely still being effected by things you ate before you started!

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I agree with Amberino, on the plan you posted today your pre-wo looks great, when you get done you could eat another serving of chicken like that with some sweet potato and then 30-60 minutes later your meal 1 which you know (because you were hungry) was not big enough and really had too much fruit. I would add 2 more eggs and cut one (or both) pieces of fruit from that meal and maybe add some avocado or compliant bacon. I personally find that when I eat fruit in the morning it makes me more hungry the rest of the day.


I'm the opposite of you, I have no problem eating before I run as long as I'm careful about what it is but I can't make myself eat immediately after a run. All I can think of is getting in the shower. 

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