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I have a garden plot!

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I am so excited, beginning this weekend I can start planting! Local community garden thing.. I am envisioning all sorts of greens in my future! I know.. gardening can be hit or miss. I am hoping it's a hit!


The really cool thing, it will all be organic per garden rules and non gmo seeds(supposedly), I take their word for it.. they've all worked really hard to get it going.


Any suggestions on what to grow during the Florida "winter" months?


Thanks! :)


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I would hope this will help:




Just scroll down to South FL, and they have PDFs by month. 


I am waiting until late winter to start prepping mine; I just have too much right now.


In the past, I have found that you just need to grow all you can before June. During June, July, and August, you have to be pretty selective for veggies that can survive the weather.

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