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Normal to feel super heavy the first week?


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Is it normally to feel ridiculously huge the first week? I seriously feel 10 lbs heavier than when I started, my stomach pokes out where it didn't mad overall just feel super large. Is this normal?

Here was my food today:

3 hard boiled eggs

Tomatoes, spinach and avocado


Grilled chicken

Spinach and kale salad

Cucumbers, bell peppers

Dressing of lemon juice and olive oil

Handful of cashew nuts


Grilled pork chop with mushrooms cooked in olive oil

Baby spinach and romaine salad with tomato and cucumber

Dressing lemon juice and olive oil

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Some people report bloating after starting the Whole30, especially if it is a huge departure from their regular diet. It could be the raw veggies, you have a decent amount listed there. Is your body accustomed to eating a large amount of raw veggies? I eat one raw salad a day max. I would love to eat two,some days, but I don't think I digest raw vegetables very well. So you may want to sub your salads for more cooked veg.

Also, initially, the fat and protein can be difficult to digest. Definitely add in NOW super enzymes. The label says one per meal, but I have upped my intake to two per meal. I still have some bloating. You can also add in NOW betaine HCL for digestion. The super enzymes have betaine HCl but some people find they need extra. I recommend doing a google search or forum search for dosing this. I am sorry I don't take the HCL and don't want to suggest the wrong protocol. Also, fermented sauerkraut, kimchi and kombucha, on a daily basis,for probiotics are helpful.

I'm sure a moderator will chime in, as well. I think with time, some adjustments, enzymes and probiotics you will feel better.

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