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Fully present in my life again!


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I am a mother of teenagers, recently remarried, and generally took good care of myself.  Menopause is another story.  Couldn't lose the 20 pounds I had gained over the past year and a half, couldn't stop having a cocktail before bed-time to ease the stress of raising teens, new husband, changing hormones, and couldn't control the food on my plate!!!!


I am on day 30 today.  I have:


Stuck to the plan


Become the cook (my chef father would be proud of)

Shopped for pastured meat for the first time in my life

Dropped a pants size

Engaged my teenagers

Renewed my energy

Hope for my future health and longevity!


I will eat this way for the rest of my life.


I began eliminating wheat after reading "Wheat Belly", but that did not give me all of the answers I have been seeking.  "It Starts With Food" confirms what we know if we listen to our bodies.  I am my own experiment.  It's a major change, but the alternative is slow death.  I choose full life!



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