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Day 5 and going strong!


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I'm on day 5 of my first Whole30 and don't really seem to be craving too much. I expected more cravings. I was addicted to sugar and dairy, but I was able to bake brownies and fry popcorn chicken for my youth group yesterday with only a tiny minute of wanting them. Looking at the chicken actually made me want to puke most of the time. I would cook better for them, but these were free and we have a very small budget for them. My husband and daughter (22 months) aren't technically on Whole30, but almost everything I have cooked has been complaint and they have eaten it. My husband added cheese and sour cream and he has sandwiches for lunch, but it's still not tempting me. Praying that it continues to be this easy for me and I continue to feel better and lose inches!

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