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Sort of Scared ....


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Starting my first Whole30 on Monday and I've been reading through the forums, trying to get a realistic idea of what to expect.


I'm not going to lie - I'm panicking.


Particularly, the exhaustion has me worried. Did anyone NOT experience debilitating exhaustion?


I'm not trying to talk myself out of this, I swear. But I'm super concerned about trying to maintain my normal life if I have to battle horrible exhaustion. I'm the mom of a 3-y-o, I work full time, and I have support from my husband at home but his work hours leave much of the childcare and household duties to me. Napping during the day isn't realistic for me.


Talk me down from the ledge! Obviously other women here are working through these same issues - how can I do this?

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Hi JFK -


For most folks, the exhaustion isn't debilitating at all. Especially if you eat enough foods and get some starchy veggies in every day.  Many people just expect to come out of the gate feeling awesome (which many do on day 1) and aren't expecting that dip. The surprise causes them more trouble than the actual fatigue.  If you know to expect a couple days of a little extra fatigue, it's not that bad. You just make sure to eat plenty and push through for the first few days.

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My two daughters and I are doing this, we are on day 5. We have really had no problems, the first 4 mornings were a challenge for me as I had to figure out what to eat and how to change my coffee habit (sugar and cream). But for the most part I would say that I had 1-2 crappy to sub par days....more than anything it is really just moments in a day, a few hours of a slump here or there, nothing you can't push thru. I think being busy helps because most of it (for me) has been in my head.

Good luck and don't be scared! Just feed your body enough food and recognize that there is a learning curve so don't give up or beat yourself up!

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Hi! I am a mum to a 2yr old, work 4 days a week and have a husband who does shift work so some weeks feel like a single mum when his work days are my days off.

As for exhaustion - I ended up napping with my daughter and going to bed as early as I could. You will get through this - don't let the timeline scare you. It's part of the journey on the way to a healthier and more energetic you. What's a few days of exhaustion compared to long-term health?

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