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Still confusion about Whole Foods pork....


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went to whole foods.


wanted some pork.


they had 2 i was looking at


1)  Step 1 pork, organic.


2) Step 2 pork NOT organic.





step 1 - Animals live their lives with space to move around and stretch their legs.


step 2 - Animals are provided with enrichments that encourage behavior that's natural to them — like a bale of straw for chickens to peck at, a bowling ball for pigs to shove around, or a sturdy object for cattle to rub against.


Which do i get??





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Both options would be "compliant". The animal welfare issues and advice on "best" practices as far as being grass-fed or pastured or organic are things to think about but aren't issues of compliant vs. non-compliant on the Whole30.


What you might be thinking of is the issue of fat. When you're eating meat from a traditional/standard agra-business, then you generally don't want to eat the fat or save the fat for cooking in. That tends to be where the "bad" things accumulate.


For me, there are times when I can afford to buy the "best" meats available, and I'll generally start with pork as they have some pretty significant animal welfare issues in the traditional farm systems. Other times, I'm limited due to budget or availability, so I'll try to avoid pork but get regular beef and chicken at the grocery store.


Hope that helps! I myself just splurged on a pork shoulder that's going to be tasty carnitas next week.

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so, ginsinnot, yes, thank you for putting words to what i was concerned about!!  that's exactly what i'm concerned about. 


so out of the 2 options i mentioned which one is the healthiest for me to eat?  thanks!!

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