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Mid-day snack?


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I'm just finishing Day 9, and am doing really well. The only thing I think I need to tweak (maybe), is to eliminate my mid-afternoon snack. Here's what my typical schedule looks like:

6:30am - wake

7:30am - Meal 1 (I leave for work at 7:45, so I really must have Meal 1 at this time)

12:30 or 1:00 - Meal 2 (at the office, my lunch time is flexible)

3:30 or 4:00 - Snack

7:30 or 8:00 - Dinner (I get home from work at 6, or 6:30 if I make a stop - it's hard to do dinner earlier)

11pm - lights out

My snack has usually been fairly small (today it was a closed handful of macadamia nuts and two dried pineapple rings), but I think if I didn't have it, I'd be uncomfortably hungry by the time dinner rolled around. Is it okay to keep a snack on my daily schedule, or should I tweak something to eliminate the snack??

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After two eggs for breakfast (I actually like eggs first thing), I don't know if I want another egg later in the day. But maybe a slice or two of W30 deli meat would be good. The thing is, I only need a "little" something, I don't want to have such a big snack I'm not very hungry for dinner. So maybe just one slice of deli meat, a few (4-5) macadamias, and a small piece of fruit (or a dried pineapple ring -- I'm not obsessed with pineapple rings, nope, not me -- it might be a good thing when I run out, I think there are only two left in the package).

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My eating is very similar- I am Day 6. When I read your post it made me realise that I am still looking for that 'something sweet' in the afternoon. I usually have berries & nuts but am still wanting dark choc or similar. I wouldn't trust myself with dried pineapple in the house!

I also love eggs for breakfast but this morning had steak & veg, am hoping that it will get rid of my mid-afternoon sugar thing.

Good luck!

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