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Today is day 7 of my 1st Whole 30


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The first few days were really hard.  I thought about just quitting because who says I have to do this anyway and so what if I feel like crap.  At least I get to eat cupcakes.  In the very beginning I got through by telling myself it was only 30 days.  When it was over I could do what I wanted.  I could binge on brownies and drink a bottle of wine if I wanted.  30 days out of my life is not so much.  So that got me through.


The past couple of days, I've started to see a vastly different attitude in myself.  I feel amazing.  My sugar cravings are much fewer and farther between.  I've stopped thinking of this as a month long torture experiment, and started seeing it as something I will continue indefinitely.  There are still things I miss, like red wine and Half & Half in my coffee.  I may reintroduce those things some after my 30, but I no longer feel like I'm living for a hedonistic binge on day 31.


My sister has been so impressed that she started doing a not-quite-whole-30.  She's normally a vegetarian, so trying paleo is a big switch for her.  The only thing she's doing that's not whole 30 is cream in her coffee.  She said she feels great too, and this is the best eating plan she's ever tried.  We're doing a lot of recipe swapping and cheering each other on.  I wish my mom would try.  She's overweight and has Hashimoto's and diverticulitis, and says she "eats mostly healthy" which is not really true.  Maybe she'll jump in when she sees how great my sis and I are doing.


I'm so glad I found this program!  I'm almost through the book and it's really life-altering.  I can't believe I'm saying that about a book about a "diet" (I know it's not really a diet, but for lack of a better term).  Now I'm off to exercise just because I feel like it - that is a freaking miracle, let me tell you.

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Well, here I am on the other side, 4 days from the end.  I feel soooo different.  The first week and a half I dreamed about eating sweets.  Last night, I had a dream I was at a party and there sweets, and I decided it wasn't worth it and skipped them.  Yes, I do have lots of food dreams ;)  I have not really decided what I'm going to reintroduce and when, but I did buy some wine today and I'm looking forward to a glass, on Monday.  But I don't miss it like I thought I would.  I missed sweets hardcore early on, and I still have my moments, but it's much easier now.


My stomach issues have basically cleared up, between eating well and taking Digest Zen (doTerra).  And that is even with still drinking coffee, which I was afraid I'd have to give up forever to fix my poor gut.  I have more energy.  My sister is also still going, and her lifelong acne is gone for the first time since puberty hit.  It's amazing.

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