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day 8 and its 9 15 am. I hope i am not jinxing myself. But i feel effing marvelous! Ive mentioned before and im going to mention it again because this is just part of my story and my journey. I have struggled with bulimia for a LONG time. Would love long term treatment, 6 months , but i cant afford it. The last month has been horrible food wise, i dont need to get into detail but the sugar cravings were out of control as were the sugar crashes. Id literally feel like i ran into a wall and could fall over and sleep just about anywhere when it hit.


Anyways, im on day 8. Ive had a few minor slips since starting but i am not trying to get hung up on them because my brain is all or ntohing. If i feel like ive messed up too significantly ill throw in the towel and not look back. Ill be back in the food. So i just keep moving forward. It took me a LONG time to get to the depths of my addiction with food i cant expect it to be lifted after 8 days .


Anyways back to the reason of this post. I feel great. usually , or the past month of hell ive been living in with my food id start the day with 2 -6 cups of coffee with half and half and 2 to 3 splenda in each cup. No breakfast till 8 30 and have oatmeal with raisens and eggs. then be starving and eat more and then drink more coffee with cream and splenda then it was just a downward spiral.


Today i am not starving. I am not overly energized due to all the coffee but im my normal perky self. I had one and a half cups of coffee with some coconut milk and i dont even want any more. ill have some herbal tea here in a bit.


Im on the right path. I get urges and cravings and im by no meals perfect but i want this to work. I want to be healthy and more normal around food. Today i feel good and im sticking with that!

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