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Day 12


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After a year of being low carb, but eating nuts, dairy, processed meat etc I had lost a fair bit of weight but it would not shift properly!

I read Loren Cordains books two weeks ago and went strictly Paleo. day 12 and the weight is falling off me! I've already had to buy new clothes and feel fantastic. My wife has joined me and is equally delighted with the results. Neither of us have loads of weight to lose, anymore but this is simply the best way to eat! ten years ago when I was very heavy I went fairly low carb and ran miles and miles very week! sure I lost loads of weight but had to spend hours and hours of my time running! then marriage and babies came along, then sciatica, so the running stopped, lo and behold the weight piled on. Now Paleo, yes I do walk a fair bit but even so, this kind of weight loss is just phenomenal. I feel like such a fool for not having eaten like this all my life instead of spending years and years being overweight and miserable. I realise I am talking to the enlightened and converted and it's all the others who need to read our stories, but there it is anyway!

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