Whole30 day #13 -Constant dull 6 day headache


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I was eating Primal about 70% of my diet before going on the Whole30. I had a bad migraine about 2x a month and maybe 1 dull 3 day long migraine a month. 


Since last week I have experienced the longest dull but always there migraine ever. 

I have been sticking to the Whole30 plan a 100% of the time. I haven't added any oils I didn't eat before (Olive in salads, coconut and ghee for cooking) or any large quantity of nuts.


My day to day meals usually include: 

Hard boiled eggs, a small fruit, sweet potato(every 2-3 days), canned tuna, vegetables, some protien (skinless chicken, stew beef).


I had been drinking about 2 cups of coffee a day. But now i have a black Americano about 2 days a week and other days about 3 cups of earl grey tea.


Any clues or insights into what may be causing this? 

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Can you give us a better idea of what you're eating, and when?

I know I was getting similar headaches during my whole 30 when I didn't get enough fat or carbs. You could also be dehydrated.

When you got these headaches prior to whole 30, do you know what triggered them? And what helped alleviate them ?

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I don't have a lot of answers except that I also get migraines and my migraine specialist says that daily caffeine is a real problem with migrainers. She said a little every now and then is ok but when you have it daily it can make migraines worse. I know backing off has helped me but I sure miss it!

I'm on day 7 today and headache-wise this is the best I've felt in a long time! I've had a coupe of dull headaches but they've gone away with extra water and food. I agree that understating can be a problem too.

Good luck! I know how miserable you feel!

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I upped my water intake and it helped! Thank you! my headache is finally gone and I hope it stays that way. I've reduced coffee but still drinking tea (trying to switch to non-caffeinated).

I'm not really sure what causes my migraines, often it is strong perfume wearing people i encounter on my commute, but can be a host of things. They took forever to go away without the help of an advil or two, which i was avoiding this time around. 


Thanks again for your help ladies :)

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