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Starting 10/1


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Hi, I'm Caye - I'm starting the Whole30 on 10/1 to help me clear up some gastric issues I've been having for a few years.  I have coughed for 4 years now, had chest pains - doctors kept saying respiratory infection and would prescribe antibiotics and steroids.  Last year, they found a hiatal hernia which increased to a large hiatal hernia by August, and I ended up in the emergency room and hospital because it was so large it pressed on my heart and lungs. I couldn't get out of bed without passing out! In November, I had a Nissen fundoplication to repair the hernia, but I still have the cough.  And, now, lung damage classified as COPD.  My weight was up to 180 because I was unable to do any activity without triggering the COPD. 


After I ended up in the hospital again in March of this year, and lost my voice for 3 months, I decided it was time to stop relying on the doctors and take my health in hand.  I started researching how food reacts in our digestive system, found the GAPS protocol and Paleo.  On May 5, I stopped all dairy (I was a glass of milk at night daily girl!!  Until 10 years ago, it was with 5 Oreos ), all sugar, all grains ( and I LOVE me some bread - I even used to make my own), and all processed foods.  I cleaned out my pantry and refrigerator - gave two boxes of food to my nephew.  And, I began cold turkey.  3 days later, I felt like I had been on an all- night binge, LOL, but I stuck it out.  About 60 days later, I started incorporating the 'bad' food back into my diet - coffee, whole, cream line milk - and I'd have sugar with my coffee.  I ate a sandwich from Subway every now and then, but have mostly stuck with fresh meat, veggies and fruits.  I lost 25 lbs and 5 inches - which is a bonus!  But, I still don't feel well.


I'm starting a Whole30 because I want to reset my brain and my gut.  I've probably cleaned out most of the bad stuff, but I still have the cough and no energy and a very erratic sleep cycle.  So, I'm hoping to see results - however, I think I may have to do a Whole 90 because I'm beginning to believe my digestive issues are from inflammation.  I was also diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 1999, and took Celebrex for 12 years.  In addition, I love tomatoes, bell peppers, paprika and used to cook with those daily.  I'm going to follow the auto-immune protocol, as well, and see if there is improvement.


So, wish me luck, please!  My co-workers are watching me intently, as I'm trying to convince them to change their ways also!  If I had to go through this so I can be an example, then so be it.  :)

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