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Stomach virus vs. Healing crisis

Amy Saville

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Hi -

Can't help notice all the "OMG stomach cramps, diarrhea after I eat!" posts on the board here in the last couple of weeks. I am trying to embark on a Mostly30 (I am having alcohol in herbal tinctures for Lyme treatment) and I've done a successful Whole3o before, and have had several abandoned attempts since then. I've experienced bloating and indigestion each time somewhere around Day 8 that lasts about a week. Then it clears and all is well with my digestion.

Well, this time I experienced extreme cramping right after eating something I've eaten many times before with no problems, followed by burning diarrhea (sorry if TMI) and had that reaction every time I ate meat or eggs for three days. I could eat bananas and apples, almond butter, bone broth without any discomfort. I had ginger tea with honey, and that's a no-no but honey and ginger tea kills viruses. I held that all down no trouble.

I know for a fact that there's a stomach virus going around, so I figured I had it. Then i figured I was over tut. Went out of town and I ate completely off plan for two days and was fine with my digestion (that was the only thing that was fine though). Then today? Back on the wagon, eating clean. I cooked myself some eggs for lunch and BAM - same problem.

So now I have no idea. Again, I've never had any reaction like this to eggs or meat before last week. Not even on previous Whole30s.

Maybe it's a combination of a stomach virus and dietary changes? Just do want to put out there that there 's a stomach virus going around that produces cramping and diarrhea like this, I know several folks who have/had the same symptoms, but aren't on Whole 30.

Hope this post helps some of you who are experiencing this and maybe we can compare notes. As for me, back to fasting with ginger tea and broth until tomorrow,


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Hi Amy -


Thanks for your perspective. Those who are concerned about a virus, or who may be experiencing severe symptoms could definitely opt for some ginger tea (without honey, of course) while they wait and see what's causing their troubles.  Many folks do experience that OMG period in the first week, especially when their diet change requires a major turn over in gut bacteria. However, for most folks, it passes quickly.


Have you considered supplementing with a digestive enzyme to help you break down your proteins (short term) until you find you've recovered?  

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Hi Robin,


Thank you for the reply.


This has persisted a week and is not acting like a stomach virus at all, so now I'm guessing it's got to be related to the diet and some sort of gut healing crisis. But it's so odd. When I fast, I have plenty of energy and feel fine, which makes me throw the viral infection idea out the window. I can eat very lightly, late in the day, without much trouble. 


This morning I tried to have banana and almond butter - food that has been relatively safe for me - and I had the same problem. So frustrating.


Today I added a Super Critical probiotic and I'm going to try the digestive enzymes. If it keeps up another week, I'll get checked out by my doctor. This is just very different for me, even for Whole 30, and I've had a lot issues with my health this past year - including a 9 month stint on heavy antibiotics for Lyme. So it could be a number of things going on at once.


Thanks again.

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