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I started my whole30 July 10th....and for about a week I did excellent work!! I was feeling better, sleeping better. I noticed that within 3 days my body had more energy and life.

So I fell of the plan. Why did I do that? A few personal and professional things and stessors that happened and I caved in and cheated with chocolate and ice cream. I was the addict looking for a fix to help me de-stress.

I also fell short in my plan by not having meat cooked and on-hand for when I got back from a long day at work.

(I work 12 hr shifts and often times it's a stressful day working with patients; the last thing I want is to cook anything).

So my lesson has been that I need to have extra foods on-hand to heat up for meals, and I need to learn to de-stress and search for healthy options instead of resorting to bad habits.

Has anyone else had this happen?

I am ready to get back on my plan. I loved how I felt! I actually crave it now versus the sugar.

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I've seen several posts where people fall off the wagon. The good part is you recognize what your problems where and how to fix them. Now this time you should be more set up for success. Maybe come up with a reinforcement menu of things you can do instead of ice cream and chocolate when you get stressed, I.e. call a friend, walk round the block, 10 min of yoga. etc. jump back on girl, you can do it!

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I am totally with you on falling off the wagon when I'm not well-prepared. I also don't love cooking, so after my 12 hour days, I feel like I have just enough energy to re-heat something. When I don't have any meals prepared, that's when I start looking for quick and easy (which doesn't often translate to super-healthy.) I do best when I do a big cook on Sunday for my week. I'll try to make a few different things to rotate during the week. I'm also not super bothered by eating the same leftovers for a few days, so it works for me.

I agree with Laura, it's great that you recognize your weaknesses and it is a great idea to have backup de-stress plans. Best of luck! If you can make it a week, you can make it farther with a few safety nets in place!

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