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Ellen's 1st Whole 30 Log


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I am on day five and it isn't to bad have some cravings but can't take care of them with fruit usually. I am very tired though so hoping my energy picks up. 



I would encourage you to avoid "taking care of the cravings" with fruit - replacing non-compliant sugary foods with compliant  ones wont really help you overcome the problem.


If you are genuinely hungry between meals (and not just craving or eating mindlessly or out of habit) have a mini meal of protein, fats and vegetables. you'll be a lot more satisfied than if you just have fruit. you shouldn't be getting hungry between meals, so perhaps consider increasing your portion sizes so you're satisfied between meals.


tiredness is normal during the first couple of weeks of your whole 30 - sticking to the template properly, making sure you're getting plenty of fats and including starchy carbs usually helps people feel a bit better and have more energy.

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Can someone tell me how to add a picture from my desktop rather than from a URL? *sigh*


So, Day 1 was great. I had a waffle from ELAD before re-reading more at night and realizing pancake/waffle/bread in any form is unacceptable. *sigh* OK. Lesson learned. Moving on. 


Excellent day of eating and Day 2 dawned with no headache - hooray! 

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