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making it public: W30 9/29


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Hi all-


I'm thrilled to see all of the feedback in the forums, as it's already answered many of the initial questions that I've struggled to answer from the book alone. I'll post another day about my goals, etc, but to begin on a strong note-here's Day 1:


M1: 3 eggs, 1/4 onion, spinach, & cherry tomatoes-all cooked in CO


M2: chicken thighs in EVOO and bell pepper/mini cuke/cherry tomatoes w/ guac


M3: ground beef w/ garlic & onion (browned in CO), spinach, diced tomato, and guac 

raspberries w/ 1/2 C of coconut milk & mace

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Day 2:


M1: blew it. Overslept (I haven't done that in months, but do the first morning breakfast really counts. Go figure.) Opted to skip, as I didn't have the brainpower @ 7am to figure out a grab & go alternative. Need to remedy this-keep some HB/Scotch eggs on hand, perhaps?


Stopped at Starbucks midday and enjoyed perusing the hot tea choices, as my sugar-laden usual choice is out.


M2: chicken thighs, mini cuke, bell pepper, & cherry tomatoes w/ guac.


I felt ready for lunch, but not starving. I haven't been a breakfast eater in the past, but was happy to have such good food for lunch! Mondays I have ~15 minutes to eat, so inhaled much of lunch, and finished veggies ~an hour later. Amazing how I can taste the sweetness of cherry tomatoes.


M3: I was READY for dinner when I got home. There's something nice about recognizing hunger as hunger, and feeding that, rather than a desire to obliterate the day's frustrations with a carbpalooza.


leftover beef/tomato/onion/spinach dish w/ guac

raspberries & coconut milk

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There are plenty of things you can have prepared for a grab and go breakfast - my favourite is frittata or egg muffins. you can fill them with meat and/or vegies, use coconut milk in the beaten egg mix to increase fat, or serve with some mayo. I usually have them with salad or vegies on the side because I don't get enough vegies in the muffins themselves :)


be wary of the tea - many teas contain soy lecithin and some flavoured teas contain stevia or sweeteners, you'd have to ask to check the ingredients to make sure the starbucks teas are compliant. (someone from the US may be able to confirm this for you, I have no idea!)

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Day 3:


M1: overslept again but discovered that alarms were removed on my phone-at least I found the cause!


M2: chicken thighs, cherry tomatoes & pepper w/ guac. Got to sit outside for lunch today. Beautiful!


M3: ground pork, summer squash, zucchini, onion, & spinach all sautéed in ghee & strawberries & coconut milk.  I love making these 1 pot meals-sautee meat, add a bunch of veg, and I have 2 hearty dinners. I might get rid of the berries next week-I've never been a person who expects dessert, but my portions may be too much there.


Amberino-thanks for the feedback! I do want to play with other egg dishes-I just need some weekend time to make them. My weeknights are too full with lunches & dinners! The warning about tea was a valid one-I did some searching, and the Passion tea is fine in it's iced and 1 bagged variety. The other (loose) bagged variety includes fruit pieces that have sugar. WHY?! I was fine with what I had, but really? 

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