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How much is too much?!


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I am on Day 14 and have seen positive results. However, I am struggling with portion control. I'm eating the 'right' foods but find myself eating lots and lots of nuts and fresh fruit. How much of each should I be aiming for?!

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How much is "lots and lots"?

Are you sticking to the template for just 3 meals a day, plus pre/postWO if you're exercising?

If the fruit and nut intake is as part of these meals, without amounts relating to the suggestions on the template then you're doing ok!


Most people limit nut intake as they tend to be a "food without brakes" and easy to over eat, and eat mindlessly. Fruit can be a substitute for sweet cravings which also isn't good.

Including a serving of fruit with a meal isn't bad, letting fruit push vegies off the plate, or eating it between meals as a snack on its own is discouraged.

If you are eating fruit and nuts between meals, consider why you're eating them. Are you hungry? Or is it just eating out of habit? If you are hungry, consider increasing your portion sizes at meals, particularly in regards to protein and fat. These things will help keep you satisfied longer between meals.

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Thank you so much for your reply, i really appreciate your help!

Yesterday I ate 200grams of cashews. And then got very upset :(

I train a lot, usually twice a day (a 7km run in the morning and weights training in the evening) and I have been finding that I am hungry, so I'm snacking. I had started with the three meals a day and I somehow seem to have slipped off of it!

I had previously been having breakfast (2 poached eggs) in the morning after my run. I'm now thinking I should add some sweet potato to this as I am very hungry in the morning usually. Would this be appropriate?

And in the afternoon, should I have a small meal before the gym and then have dinner straight after?

Sorry to bombard you with questions!

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Do you only have eggs for breakfast? This meal doesn't fit the template - no vegies, added fat, or enough protein. And do you have pre/postWO meals?

Having proper pre/postWO's will help - is there a reason you're training that much though? Rest is so important and right now it seems like you aren't getting any! I would consider incorporating more rest days in to your program.

A postWO should be a meal sized portion of lean protein, starchy vegie carbs with little to no fat. Eggs aren't a great choice as they have too much fat. This meal would likely be best utilised after weight training, straight after your workout and before a proper dinner.

Perhaps have a preWO before you run (if you do), then a proper breakfast, meal 2, preWO, postWO and dinner.

Aim to limit, or completely cut out the snacks. If you're eating proper pre/post meals you may find you're not as hungry. Also make sure your other meals fit the template with enough protein, fat and vegies as per the template.

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