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I began my whole 30 Sept 2, but I am on "Take 4" day 8. 

Am I correct ... I need to go the whole 30 days without the "bad stuff"?  Hence, take four.

(One complete blow-up day (STRESS!); two other mis-steps)  I am correct in starting over? 


I am "middle aged," pre-diabetic with family history and all the risk factors for type 2 diabetes.  I don't know the last time I wasn't tired. 


The second time I heard about Whole 30 was the charm.  I happened into a "believer".  She said, "Meg, you have to try this!  It will change your life!"  It was the right message at the right time.  (Give me an 'Amen, sista!')   I am on my way to being a convert.


I loved It Starts with Food.  After reading it, I knew this is what I need to address my health issues.  It explained exactly what I needed to know in a manner I can easily understand.  It screamed, "Meg, I'm talking about YOU!"   In addition, as I read, it sounded "sustainable" to me ... something I can do long term. 


The two things I like luv so far are: 

It really does kill the cravings!  I will slay the sugar dragon this time!  I am NOT feeling "deprived" or having to have "won't power" 24/7. (another, 'Amen!')

The program has nearly eliminated my stress eating?!  Don't care why, just glad it has.


Still waiting and hoping for the unlimited energy supply ... I did realize last week that I just wasn't eating enough ...

I increased a tiny bit on the sweet potatoes and/or added another serving of fruit, a little less protein and a little more veggies ...

Also, I am eating my veggies before my protien during my meals, because I fill up too fast on the protein and then I'm not hungry for my veggies. 


Yay, Day 8!

I'll save the rest of my rambling for another post!







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Challenges ... A little tired of cooking (and I like to cook!).  Need to have time to find some new recipes.  Quicker/more portable for breakfast/lunch.  I'll get there ... just need more time to look stuff up (I've seen that tab in the forums).  Did try jimaca tonight ... the jury is still out.  Thumbs up to spicy sweet potato fries/chips/homefries.


A little short on groceries (for me).  Flashbacks to wrestling season and a teenager chosing  to eat healthy!  The bills are right up there now.  Don't think it is sustainable, but I know we'll just have to figure it out.  (Today's brain storm was to use all the pocket money I've been saving from not going out to lunch for groceries ... but somehow that just doesn't seem fair ... (yes, I know I sound like a 3rd grader!))


Hubby and I were going to watch an athletic event in a neighboring town ... he asked what time we'd be home and what I had planned for dinner, he was thinking "Pizza Hut" (we don't have one in our town).  His face just "dropped" when he realized that Pizza Hut doesn't have much I can eat.  They do have salads, but my teenagers labled me a "vegetable snob" a long time ago ... so that's not going to cut it!  I offered to just "go along for the ride", but thankfully Hubs is more considerate than that.


I have found a new, but most likely, pre-exisiting food intolerance.  Pork.  Seriously?!  I looked it up on a couple of my favorite medical websites, and I am not alone.  I've been eating quite a bit more meat than I used to ... and definitely more pork.  I will continue experimenting to verify it is the pork.


A house divided is not easy to manage.  Can you say, "Bake Sale"?  Baked two nights last week.  Lovely, non-compliant stuff.  I was awesome!  Then I had to look at the treats and leftovers for about 3 days.  I was awesome again!  I was getting a bit cranky when the last of it disappeared, thankfully.  (Only about days 4-7 on the program)   It was a pretty nasty test.


Program is good.  Feeling good (except the pork thing).  Cravings not too often.  Stress eating much better than before W30.  Still show the predisposition ... but not feeding it with junk, so it is not as intense.


I have lost weight.  (I know!  But, I decided looking at the scale once a week was better than a chocolate chip cookie!)  I just can't be THAT perfect yet!

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Starting.   Over.  Again.  Day 19   1.  

Whiskey.  Tango.  Foxtrot. 



Ordered 3 paleo cookbooks and have looked through them.  Well Fed Paleo is the best by far in my opinion.  The other two had too many paleo compliant goodies, breads, etc.  (Against all Grains; Practical Paleo).  Not that I won't use recipes from them, but I need to stab the sugar dragon in the heart and compliant substitutes are not going to help me do that.


The positives: 

1) I did reach the point where I was feeling good and had a better energy level.  Can't wait to get back there.

2) I am positive:  pop is evil. (I hope you aren't taking me too literally here.)  Diet Pepsi has been my nemisis for decades.  I can't even tell you how many times I've tried to quit.  I thought, I'm so tired (had to go back to work for the evening, and I knew it would be a long one) a pop will keep me going.  Problem is the next day I "crave" a pop, then I get back to "craving sugar", then it becomes a battle again.  Grrr. 

3) I am positive the affects of non-compliant food come immediately (don't taste as great as I remember; upset tummy from diairy & sugar), but then hide away for at least 24 hours.  Then they pounce out of the shadows turning me into an irritable, impatient, tired, crabby (many other adjectives here) person for a couple more days.  I think after the 3rd day, I pray, I get back to myself. 

4) I have lost enough weight that I can jog again without feeling like I am going to have a coronary and without feeling wiped out for the rest of the day.  Better fuel helps, but not lugging around 12-13 additional pounds has made it noticably easier.  Good thing too, because my friend, my daughter and I are signed up for the local "turkey trot"  (5k race) on US Thanksgiving day!   


The negatives:  The only negative will change as I adapt, but for the moment, I am a bit tired of cooking, and I wonder if it will ever end ... (insert dramatic gesture here).


It is a new day and a great day to be doing whole30!

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