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Almondie Almond Milk Concentrate?


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I love the taste of almond milk, but I hate the time & mess it takes to make it from scratch.


I was searching online morning and found something called Almondie Almond Butter.  It says it is "100% PURE almond milk concentrate ... RAW, unpasteurized, and preservative free". No sugar or additives listed in the ingredients. http://www.almondie.com/almond_milk.aspx


The instructions say to add water to the ground almonds to make almond milk.


It looks compliant, but sounds way too good to be true.


Has anyone tried this?





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I make my almond milk by blanching raw almonds, removing the skins, blending with water and then straining/squeezing the mixture thru a nut milk bag. It takes forever & makes a huge mess.


Have you found an almond butter made wtih peeled almonds? (I HATE the bitter taste of the skins.)



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