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Question about supplements


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So, when I did my first whole 30 last march, I hadn't read ISWF and I continued taking my vitamin supplements during it. My first whole 30 went great, slept better, felt better, had energy, no headaches (besides the ones I got from my sugar withdrawals at the beginning haha) etc. But there were still some issues (like my eczema) that didn't get better so I started a whole 60 that I'm currently on day 33. I'm also trying to fix some digestive issues that started in april after I was on antibiotics (I assume that is what caused my problems, but doctors cant tell me whats wrong with me so I don't really know) This time I had read ISWF so I'm doing exactly as the book say which means I'm leaving out the vitamins. However this past week, I've started getting headaches everyday and the past 1-2 weeks I've been having joint pain in my elbow and shoulder and just now starting in my knee today. I'm trying to avoid going to my vitamins for these issues bc they arent 100% complaint (but I dont think they are far off) but I know from past experience that one of the products will take away my headache within minutes and another product will take away my joint pain. I know they work. The only ingredients that I know for sure aren't whole 30 compliant are stevia leaf extract, vegetable oil and in one product honey granules. Are those ingredients really that serious to not take these supplements when I know they'll help my headaches and joint pain? I teach dance 3 days a week, so I'd like to not be having joint pain :/


If anyone wants to look at the ingredients and let me know if there are other ingredients I should be concerned about, that would be really helpful, because a lot of the ingredients I just didn't know about. 



specifically the bio fuel, aloe plus, flexicare plus and get go n plus. 


also, if you happen to know why I might be getting headaches and joint pain this far into my whole 60, any help is appreciated. I've been drinking lots of water and getting the same amount of sleep as usual.

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On the supplements and whether they are Whole30 compliant, none of those you listed are compliant, for the following reasons:
- The aloe plus has glucose, which is sugar.

- The bio fuel has fructose (sugar) and stevia extract. 

- The flexicare plus has fructose.

- The get go no plus has fructose, honey and stevia.

I'm sorry I don't have any input on the joint pain. Maybe post a sample food log of 2-3 days and hopefully someone else reading this thread will contribute their knowledge in this area.

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