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beth's whole30 log


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Hi All,


This is my second Whole30, my first was two years ago. I've noticed lately that when work gets stressful or life feels like there's too much going on I lose all my good food habits. October seemed like a great time to do a Whole30 as we are going on vacation in early November then straight into the holidays. 


Today was my first day. I tend to be starving the first few days (I've done several Whole10 and Whole14 minis over the last few years), so I let myself snack. I plan to try to be down to three real meals by day four. Hopefully sooner, but if I'm hungry and a meal is a ways off, I'm letting myself eat. 


6am: kettle bell workout

7am: sweet potato + turkey deli meat

8:15: decaf americano + chorizo breakfast casserole (whole foods has the best compliant chorizo!)

12:00: rotisserie chicken (just olive oil, salt & pepper) salad - lettuce, mango, hard boiled egg, bell pepper, cucumber, tomato, tessemae's lemon chesapeake dressing

2:30: apple

5:45: ropa vieja + sautéed spinach in ghee + cauliflower mash

6:15: chomps stick



29 days to go



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Hi Beth!


welcome back :)


Whilst snacking is discouraged, if you're genuinely hungry between meals try and have a mini meal of protein, fat and vegies, instead of just fruit, or just protein. I found that overestimating my portion sizes at meals for the first few days helped - if I was hungry, i'd eat the whole meal and it usually lasted til the next meal, if I wasn't hungry enough to finish I had leftovers for a mini meal ready to go!

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