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Whole90, Starting October 1st

Sara O.

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A few weeks ago, I completed my second Whole30.  It was amazing and I felt wonderful at the end of it! However, I was very happy that it was over and that I had the option again to eat sugary things.  This is not the mindset that I was hoping to end with.  I was hoping to learn that I didn't need sugary foods and that I'm happier without them.


I considered extending my Whole30 for not just mental health reasons, but also physical health.  I have some aches, pains, and skin issues that I would like to clear up.


Also, since ending my Whole30, I have gone back to eating WAY too many sugary foods.  I have learned that I can live without dairy, bread, and legumes (never liked beans much anyway), but sugar is still an issue.


Last week, I completed a Whole5 and decided that a Whole90 is the best way for me to continue my health journey.


Day 1, let's go!

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Sounds like a good plan. Sugar is such a demon... Plus, doing a Whole 90 will take you thru the holidays. Just think - you'll be ready to start the new year at your best instead of 5-10 lbs heavier and trying to break sugar's grip. Good for you!

I'm considering extending my second Whole 30 (today is day 16) at least thru October to make it a Whole60. But one day at a time. LOL :)

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I plan to change my goals for this program every 30 days.  This way I can reassess at the end of each of the 30 days and create goals for where I am at that point.


For the first 30 days:


1)  Do some new social thing each week.  This could be going to a new place, or hanging out with a new friend.  I already have two events planned for the last two weekends!


2)  Minimize my fruit (sugar) intake.  During the Whole30 I just did, the only fruit I ate was an apple that was mixed in with cabbage and the cranberries and mango in Primal Pacs (which I ate nearly every day!)



Day 1


Did -not- have enough sleep last night, but still had plenty of energy and focus!  Awesome.  :D

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Hey Sara - did I tell you my name is Sara, too? Yay for Sara's with no "h"! LOL

How was your day 2?

So you like the primal pacs, huh? That's an idea for the future for me (maybe). I've sworn off nuts for the rest of my W30 bc when I buy them in bulk, I tend to overeat them. Even when they are raw & unsalted. :)

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Hi - this is actually my first post anywhere on the forum. I saw the title of your thread and thought I'd join in.

I started my first Whole 30 on October 1st. I've been trying to stay 80/20 paleo/primal (I do consume fermented dairy and heavy cream) for the last 7 months, but the sugar addiction (really only in the form of ice cream) has been slowly taking over. My paleo Meetup group did a book review on "It Starts with Food" at the end of September, so I got the book and decided to dive in and do a Whole 30. I waited till the first because it would be easier to keep track numerically - I like that kind of thing.

Anyhow, I am doing really well so far- surprisingly - and have been thinking about either doing this for 45 or maybe even 90 days because I have a LOT of weight to loose. I see you aren't doing it for weight loss, but for better health.

Please tell me your thoughts on doing a "Whole 90" - and where on this forum can I find out more about doing the program for longer periods of time.

Best wishes!

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Hi, Desertcreature!


Love your name and avatar!


If you search the forum for "whole90," you'll see all the posts in which people have talked about Whole90s.


Have you signed up for the Whole30 Daily as well?  They have been a big help for me.  In the last e-mail, they even discuss what to do if you decide to extend your Whole30.


I'd recommend committing to a Whole30 to start, then go from there.  (;


Hope all is going well for you!

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I'm so embarrased that I never wrote back to you after your kind reply.

I DID sign up for the Whole30 Daily, and they were a huge help! And my paleo Meetup group was also very supportive.

I am going to post on the main forum page about my results. They were not what I had hoped, but I'm not going to give up.

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