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KitchenWitchy's whole10


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In 10 days, I am headed to the mountains for my annual spiritual retreat. To prepare, I am doing this whole10:

On template, compliant eating

Low end of the meat and fat portions with extra veg

Morning and evening meditations

No recreational media consumption (Netflix, Internet time suckage)

This is the first attempt in kitchenwitchy history to reduce Internet/tv along with strictly whole eating. I realized after my second whole30 that I was replacing mindless snacking with mindless internetting. This way I was able to avoid really looking at the internal processes that drive my desire to eat.

Since my last whole30 I have been mostly sticking to 3 meals per day with no snacking, but my food choices have at times been less than stellar. My body feels the results and it doesn't love what's happening.

I don't talk much here about the spiritual aspects of physical health, but for me, this journey started as a spiritual one... Using food to heal, honoring the physical body as temple of the divine spark, and having the physical energy to meet the demands of spiritual and mystical work were my original foci when I set foot on this path in winter 2012. A practical reason for repeating the whole30 is that my bodily issues which normally would distract from meditation (digestion problems, aches and pains, food-related emotional swinging, anxiety and inability to relax) disappear. Yes, my body still weighs a lot, but my footsteps fall more softly.

So I am making this a bit more challenging by restricting media consumption, but that just means the rewards will be greater in the end. I'll only be checking in here once a day instead of living here every evening. I think I can do this (little Engine style)...


Sweet potato and pepper hash, jalapeño sausage, egg, salsa; coffee with coconut milk

Salad of arugula, cucumber, red pepper, a sausage, almonds, and balsamic and olive oil

Spaghetti squash with tomato/mushroom/beef sauce

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Day 2 of 10

Sweet potato hash with eggs; coffee with coconut milk

Arugula, cucumber, turkey salad with balsamic and olive oil; handful of plantain chips

Chicken apple sausage and zucchini; a square of cacao

I think starting on Friday I will switch out coffee for nettle tea. There's a cold going around that I'd like to avoid if possible, and the ups/downs of coffee sometimes confuse my hunger signals.

Instead of tv/Internet, I ended up reading fiction last night. I didn't miss the electronic media.

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Day 2 dinner ended up being leftover tomato beef mushroom deliciousness with zucchini added to it.

Day 3

Sweet potato hash with eggs and salsa

Arugula, turkey cutlet, balsamic and olive oil, plantain chips

Steak, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, sweet potato wedges

Last night was more reading and playing with kitten. I didn't miss the electronic media. I finished my book this morning and am staying home from work today so... We will see what the day holds!

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