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Started on July 16th

Laurie Gator

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I have been looking for a plan that cuts out all of the processed garbage in my diet and this one is perfect!

It's day 3 and things are going a lot better than I had anticipated. I figured I would be dragging my body all over the place for the first week. I have felt a little better and I am looking forward to starting a workout program next week. (Weight training with 3 days of C25K mixed in (it is a couch to 5K program).

I was dignosed with "extremely low iron" a few weeks ago. I am taking iron supplements 3x daily until my iron level gets back to normal (I think normal is around 14, when I tested it was around 7...) The extra iron has helped me to have some energy but I love eating the yummy veggies and meat! I know that kicking the sugar demon will be my biggest challenge during the next couple of months. Hubby is a vegan and has also decided to "Get the Grain Out" of his eating!

Also, if any of you folks have Amazon Prime and a Kindle, you can borrow the cookbook EAT WELL for free! I picked it up (at the same time as the IT STARTS WITH FOOD) and it looks like a keeper!

I am looking forward to heading BACK to the Farmer's Market this Saturday and getting some wonderful veggies and fruit. I have also found a grocery store that has grass fed beef, fresh eggs and humanely raised pork and chicken (no antibiotics, run around the farm, all the things to make a chicken happy!) I really do miss not having our own chickens but this is the next best thing.

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