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Glitter Whole30 Log (start 9/30)


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Started 9/30 and I guess I read some stuff wrong... was eating too much fruit!

I am doing the modified Vegetarian plan.


Here's what I remember so far-


9/30- Day1

Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, fruit bowl

Snack: 1 hardboiled egg, fruit, almonds

Lunch: Salad w/ half avocado

Dinner: 1 scrambled egg, tempeh, cucumber, tomato

PM Snack: baby carrots

Drinks: tea, water, sparkling water, 1 black coffee


10/1- Day2

Breakfast: 3 hardboiled eggs, some peach, strawberry, figs, pineapple

Lunch: ~1.5-2 cups brocculi, 1/2 avocado, cucumber, tomato, almond salad (forget what else was in it) with banana

Dinner: Sauted spinach in olive oil, 1/2 avocado, 2 scrambled eggs

Snacks: almonds & remainder of fruit from breakfast

Drinks: tea, water, sparkling water

(This is too many eggs isn't it?)


Feeling hungry and sluggish most of the time.


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Glitter, have you got the meal template?


Even doing the vegetarian version of a whole 30, you still need to stick to the template and include protein, fats and vegetables at every meal! A few of your meals seem very low in protein and you let fruit push vegies off the plate a lot!

A serve of eggs is as many as you can hold, that's likely 3-4. If you don't want to eat that many eggs, you'll need to include some of the other protein sources at every meal.

Sticking to the template, eating enough fat and protein, as well as including starchy vegies will help with energy. Staying sufficiently hydrated will also help.

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Thanks for that feedback!!!

I did see the template but somehow forgot about it till yesterday because I was so busy obsessing over which ingredients are ok and debating if I should try to other sources of protein not allowed for vegetarians.

Do you have opinions on doing dairy vs lentils for protein? Also not sure where to find pastured, fermented yogurt.

I am going to try to make adjustments today and see what happens!

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From looking at the shopping list, the dairy option is recommended over the lentils.

Pretty sure yoghurt is fermented in production, kefir is your other option. I'm in Aus so not going to be any help with sourcing pastured/organic dairy! I have access to plenty of organic brands here- I go to organic/health stores and good grocery stores for my produce

You said you were considering having protein options not on the vegetarian list? Do you mean meat options or not whole 30 options? If you can do a normal whole 30, with meat, I think your results would be a lot better. That is something you need to be comfortable with though!

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