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starting October 3!!


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Starting my whole30 tomorrow! I'm in college in the UK, and my flatmates always have lots of chocolate, bread, and cheese around, which they leave on shelves where its easy to see. I've been trying to start for a few days now, but haven't been very successful.  I'm hoping that by posting here every day, I'll be able to make it this time! Please give me support!

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Yay thanks for the replies!! So far I've only had breakfast (2 scrambled eggs in olive oil, some cherry tomatoes, and a big handfull of spinach) and I'm planning on tuna for lunch and turkey for dinner.  Thats as far ahead as I've planned so far, but this weekend I'll definatley be cooking big batches of something!

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Hi Claire - you may find yourself hungry before lunch, as your breakfast isn't particularly big. A serve of eggs is as many as you can hold - most people find that's 3-4 eggs! I'd also make sure you're aiming for 2-3 cups of vegies, more if you're having leafy greens, and add some fat. the cooking fat doesn't count too much, as most gets left in the pan. A more substantial breakfast will also help you stay satisfied more throughout the whole day, as opposed to trying to make up for a smaller breakfast with a big lunch.

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Ok thanks for the help.  I know I will have to work on eating more veggies! As it turned out, I wasn't hungry before lunch, but I did snack on some cashew nuts around 4, since I was out later than I expected.  I think I get kind of afraid of being hungry :-) Need to make some mayonnaise soon, because I know I'll have no problem getting enough fat then, its sooo yummy!

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Something totally weird going on with my log--posts answering other questions are appearing but I'll post here anyway. 




2 eggs cooked in olive oil 

10-12 oz frozen veggies (steamable bag veggies) 

1 apple

1 tbsp sunflower seed butter



8oz lemon pepper tilapia

2 bags of steamable veggies (1 bag of green beans and 1 bag of broccoli) 

almonds/olives (for some fat) --about 10 of each



T25, walk (this morning) 


Post WO: 

2 fried eggs



1 can tuna

2.5 bags steamable veggies --green beans, broccoli, green beans/broccoli/water chestnuts/carrots mix

1/2 small sweet potato

~1 cup fresh pineapple

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So, today is day 5. I feel completely fine. I do feel as though I'm eating more than I'd like to in order to reach my weight loss goals (post-wedding weight gain is the pits) but that's okay. Im eating healthily and if I'm hungry then I'm going to eat. Enough said. Here's my plan for the day. It's 9am and my stomach is extremely full so I would rather not jump around any time in the next hour so that's why my workout is not closer (in time) to a meal. 


Walk (6:45-7:30am) 


Breakfast (8am) 

2 whole eggs, 1 white (gave the extra yolk to my husband for his egg sandwich) cooked in olive oil (not much olive oil but contributes to the fat source) 

1 bag broccoli 

1 tbsp sunflower seed butter (fat) 

~1 cup coconut milk (additional fat) 

~1/2 cup cubed pineapple (fresh) 

1 small apple


Workout (10:30 - 11am) --T25 total body circuit: the hardest one of the alpha phase but totally love it! 


Post WO (11:30)

1 piece of tilapia (3-4oz)

1/2 sweet potato 

couple tablespoons canned pumpkin (gross so I tossed it) 

 a cup of fresh pineapple or so


Class (12-2) 


Lunch (3pm)

3 small tilapia fillets (about 9-10 oz)

bag of frozen cauliflower

olives/almonds (10 of each)


Dinner (6pm)

same as lunch

+ pineapple (~1/2 to 1 cup cubed)  

+ 1/2 small sweet potato

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I totally screwed up last night. I was compliant but ate HEAPS OF FRUIT  :unsure:. I feel really bad about it because I know that it was just boredom, emotional, un-called for eating and too much of it. I feel bloated and yucky this morning. Good thing all of my apples are gone now.


I wanted to eat a larger portion of my freshly baked sweet potatoes but I told myself "NO!" and that's where I completely went off the rails. Gahhh. Why?!? 


Okay, so lesson learned. I wanted something sweet but stayed compliant...that's a win to some extent, right? I mean I REALLY wanted to eat the ice cream in the freezer but instead I made it through Day 5 with a fruit overload as my hiccup. I'll take it. 


Good thing is that I still have my sweet potatoes for today and the rest of the week. We shop on the weekend so I'm not buying any fruit this time around. I know that right now I'm fragile so once my oranges are gone I think I'm going to do without until I'm past the halfway point. 


Also, NUTS...hmmm, well, I have been eating ~1 serving a day is that too much? Those and olives are one of my primary sources of fat. I don't want to overdo it because weight loss is my goal. 

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After last night's epic fruit fail I am going to abstain from fruit altogether today. To be fair, I was taking some hormone replacement medication because my body is a little wonky and my endocrinologist is trying to fix that. I am now done taking it so I think it should be smooth sailing hormone wise from here until I'm done with my Whole 30. I'm already thinking about extending it. 



  • Coffee w/ a tbsp coconut cream and some coconut milk 
  • 3 eggs cooked in olive oil
  • bag of steamable veggies 
  • few olives and almonds (natural, unroasted) 



  • 7-8oz indian spiced tilapia
  • bag of steamable veggies
  • few olives/almonds 



  • tilapia 
  • 1/2 small sweet potato baked w/ coconut oil


  • tilapia 
  • 1/2 small sweet potato baked w/ coconut oil and topped w/coconut cream
  • bag of steamable veggies 
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Many people cut nuts if they're trying to lose fat, because there are better sources of fat, and because nuts can turn in to "food without brakes" easily. Cutting out fat isn't the answer to losing fat though! Being overly restrictive can be just as bad as overeating.

Your postWO should have little to no fat - I'd skip the oil on your sweet potato. They bake/roast fine with nothing!

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