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Dizzy on Day 11

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I did a forum search for "dizzy" and saw several threads, but the info didn't seem to correspond to my situation, i.e. I'm not exercising or breastfeeding. This morning when I got up from my chair to make breakfast, I felt really dizzy. I thought it might be because I hadn't eaten in over 14 hours (*cough*), but I have had my eggs and kale* now, and am still a little woozy. *Both cooked in olive oil, with a bit more oil drizzled onto the kale.


For info, I always have a cup of black coffee before I eat breakfast. I know it's not ideal! I didn't sleep well last night, so this may also be affecting me. 


Some of the advice in the other threads about dizziness was to increase intake of carby veggies. I'll admit, I've only had sweet potato at two or three meals. 


Any suggestions as to the cause of dizziness? I feel like my water and salt consumption are pretty good. 


I guess I'm just looking for reassurance. Thanks in advance. 

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The things you've identified are certainly measures to take.  Lack of sleep is also a factor. Instead of the black coffee before breakfast, switch it to with or after breakfast.


My hunch is you're not eating enough, and/or not staying sufficiently hydrated.  


Can you post 2-3 days' worth of your food log, so folks can give you more specific feedback?

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Here's what I've been eating the past few days. All meat is grass-fed/sustainably raised from local farms. All eggs are farm eggs. I cook with olive oil or ghee, and use coconut oil to finish off dishes or eat it a spoonful of it from time to time. I make my own bone broths, and have been using those in my cooking. 




Breakfast: two eggs + sauteed zucchini and yellow squash


Lunch: Salad with tuna (wild-caught, canned, compliant), homemade mayo, brine from homemade pickles (no sugar!), lots of raw veggies, handful of hazelnuts


Dinner: Pork shoulder, roasted squash (finished with ghee and coconut oil and sea salt), sauteed kale from my garden. More squash topped with dried coconut flakes for dessert


Day before yesterday: 


Breakfast: Eggs + leeks


Lunch: Salad with leftover leeks and chicken thighs + veg. 


Dinner: Lamb shank braised in bone broth, onions, sauteed zucchini & yellow squash. 


I'm afraid I can't remember much farther back than that (I see why a log is important)! 

I try to base my meals on the template, but don't always get the recommended amount of olives or coconut. I drink what I think is plenty of water, but will try for more. I add sea salt to my finished dishes, especially if I've forgotten it during cooking. I eat a serving of fruit per day, usually with dried coconut on top. 


For lunch I had romaine lettuce with tuna, homemade mayo, avocado, cherry tomatoes, carrots, hazelnuts and some strawberries/coconut for dessert. 

I'm definitely feeling better, but was a little dizzy right up to, during, and shortly after my lunch. 

Will take the advice to eat more carby veggies. Parsnips, here I come! 


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I crease your salt intake, you may have low blood pressure.

My DD has been getting dizzy and feeling like she is going to black out upon standing, we checked her BP and it was low. We are are fully making sure everything she eats is salted. Plenty of water is importanant too, helps to maintain your BP.

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Yup: make sure you're getting at least the amount of fat recommended in the meal template at each meal, and drink water in the amount of at least half your body weight in ounces, daily. Enjoy those carb-dense veggies!

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