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Starting whole 3 on August 1st


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Hi, I've been in the process of working towards a Whole 30 for about a year. I began CrossFit workouts almost one year ago, finding CrossFit through the paleo world. I work out 5 times a week, and totally love it! I was terrified to do CrossFit before I started, and was scared every time I went into the gym for the first four months or so, but I've crossed over and can't wait to go the days I get to.

I've been about 80/20 compliant with paleo, my workouts are getting a lot better, but I haven't lost a single pound all year! I attribute that to being 57. It really does get harder to shed the weight after 50, and, um, the occasional weekend carb and sugar treats.

Doing a Whole 30 a year ago would have been unthinkably difficult - now it seems like the natural next step. It's no longer about the weight (although losing 15 - 20 lbs would put me in the sweet spot), it's about health from the inside out. It feels good to make that shift away from the scale to my health.

A few of us from my CrossFit gym are going to do the challenge together, so we have each other, but it's good to have this forum as well.

It's a good time to do this challenge - I am about to become an empty nester, my only son leaves for college in September, and this frees up time I haven't had in 19 years (between work and being a mom) to give back to myself.


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