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Starting from Scratch


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Hello all. I have been eating Paleo since January of 2013. I have been hearing about the Whole 30 Challenge and decided to do some research. A lot of YouTuber's recommended this site and the It Starts with Food Book. I was diagnosed with severe Plaque Psoriasis August of 2008. I went through some major struggles and was in severe pain. I tried going Vegetarian, so many diets and nothing worked. I went to a self improving seminar to see maybe I was holding onto to much. That didn't work. Then my friend introduced me to Paleo. Within 4 months my Psoriais was 100% gone. I had it on 90% of my body. I was so happy. Then summer came and I got lazy. I started reverting back to my bad habits (flours, rice, dairy, sweets, bread). 2 months ago my psoriasis came back. Not as bad as when I got diagnosed but still annoying and painful.


Now I am starting from scratch. I am making my own salad dressings, making my own applesauce and following the AIP Shopping list your website provided. I am now on day 9. I am really missing eggs, almonds, cashews and some of the nighshade spices...especially paprika and chili powder. Other than that, I didn't feel the withdraws most people feel. Its basically the same as my Paleo meals, with just a few items taken off the eating list.


Struggles I am having so far on Whole 30. I am not hungry. Its really hard to eat 3 meals a day. I do it but I don't want to. Some days I am hungry and some days I'm just not. I am getting an average of 8-9 hours of sleep (which is awesome for me, usually do 4 hours), I set my goals and sticking to them. Struggles are, not hungry, don't feel like working out, sleepy, etc.


Also question for you all out there. I got a food dehydrator and been making some snacks for my niece and nephew. I haven't eaten anything yet cause not sure if I can. Some items in question (Fruit rollups....pure fruit blended and dehydrated, no added anything, dried banana chips and apple chips). Can I have any of these? Also is it bad if I am not eating any carbs like Sweet Potato and Yams. I haven't eaten any since I have not worked out yet...and the guides said to eat them for a post workout. Is it ok I leave them out the days I don't work out?


I have also been doing fruit 1-2 times a day. Mostly with lunch and dinner sometimes.


Almost done with day 9 and onto 10. I will NO EXCUSES do the full 30 days. Anything to get rid of my psoriasis again.


Results...down 10lbs in 9 days


Always Dana

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Hi Dana

I can imagine its difficult cutting things like eggs, nightshades etc out if your diet - but think of the benefits! There are still many things you can eat, and if you do a search around the forums/logs you'll find other people doing the same thing. Perhaps their logs will give you food inspiration :)

Curious as to how you know that you've lost weight, considering part of the whole 30 is staying off the scale? I'd encourage you to stop if you are! This isn't a weight loss plan, bonus if you do, but remember there are far more important things than a number on a scale.

I would suggest eating starchy vegie carbs. You need them for energy. They may also help with your hunger levels - try adding some to your breakfast, as many people find that this makes them feel hungry sooner. You mentioned being sleepy and not wanting to workout - adding starchy vegies in, along with having sufficient fat and protein will alleviate this. Could you perhaps post a few days worth of food for us to look at?

I'd avoid the dehydrated snacks - whilst they're only fruit, they are extremely concentrated. A tiny piece would equal a serve of fruit. It's also likely to be something that would be a "food without brakes" for many people and easy to overeat.

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It sounds like since you're not hungry you might not be eating much but because you're not eating much you're also tired. Also, restricting carbohydrates in that manner doesn't seem like it would help your fatigue. 10 pounds in 9 days sounds rather extreme--I'd be willing to bet you are eating way too few carbs to sustain you throughout the day. 

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