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Dave's post whole 30 log


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Day 31 was yesterday and I introduced gluten free grains.

I figured gluten free grains are probably the most benign of all the reintros and overall I did not noticeany ill effects at the end of the day or delayed effects today.


I was so happy to have a breakfast that was not eggs!  I had oatmeal with just a few raisins and some almond butter for breakfast and a banana.  It easily kept me full for 4+ hours.


For lunch I had some grilled bluefish (never had bluefish before but I didn't particularly care for it) along with some roasted beets and some Amaranth Tabouleh which turned out excellent.  that was kind of a crapshoot since I couldn't taste it the night before when I made it!  I also had a small handfull of cashews and the meal lasted me 5+ hours with little issue.


For dinner I had a 5oz burger with some guacamole and some more Amaranth Tabouleh.  The original plan was to have some brown rice but I made so much Tabouleh I would hate to see it go to waste. I also enjoyed a Vitamin Water Zero which was just a treat.  Its my favorite drink and pretty much the only sweetened beverage that I actually drink.


And that was it. Last night was a rest day.  So back to whole 30 compliance today and everything feels wonderful.

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I usually hide from the computer on weekends, I'm a programmer so I'm in front of it all day during the week :-D


The tabouleh was pretty simple, I made the Amaranth according to the directions.  Then its basically just diced cherry tomato, cucumber, parsley, green onion, olive oil and lemon juice.  It was just a regular tabouleh recipe that I modified.


I pushed my second reintroduction back a day, it should have been saturday but I did Sunday instead because I knew we were going out to lunch with friends and that would make my options a little easier.  I went with Gluten grains and so far it seems everything went well.  I had mixed grain oatmeal for breakfast made with a touch of coconut milk and water was amazing.  Lunch was some fish tacos with flour tortillas, not the best option in the world I'll admit but it was the best that was available to me.  Then for dinner, there is a pizza chain that makes an amazing cauliflower pizza that i was able to get with no cheese (its crust, olive oil, garlic, cauliflower and breadcrumbs).  It was amazing.


oh and a glorious beer, my first one in almost 2 months.  I savored every sip!  I love microbrews and fall is primetime for some of the best flavors of the year.


so far, great success, no ill side effects.  I know gluten can cause a lot of reactions for people but so far I don't notice any difference.  Actually, I felt surprisingly energetic last night even though I had my last training session before my duathlon Sunday morning.

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In the last few days I have sort of fallen off the Reintroduction band wagon.  I followed the dairy reintroduction during the day but that night was my dad's birthday and I was not well prepared and fell off pretty hard.  So yesterday and today I have mostly been close to whole 30 complaint but I have been putting milk in my coffee and ended up having a small amount of whole grains as well.


I am putting legumes on hold until after my race on Sunday.  I don't really miss it, not even really thinking about it (except peanut butter but Almond and Cashew butters are more than suitable replacements).  The excpetion being I am pretty sure there was soybean oil in the salad dressing I used Wed. Night.


I'm not down about it.  I wish I gave it a better shot but in these last stages but I went 40+ days of being a rock on this program and a slip up isn't going to bring me down or change what I already accomplished.  Being in limbo was really frustrating for me so now its time to figure out where I want to go from here.  But there will definitely be another whole 30 in my future.  I am thinking Mid-Jan to Mid-Feb (to work around some obligations that will be difficult to navigate)

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