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Whole30 - Ready... Go!


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I started my first Whole30 yesterday... I've bee surprised by how much I'm supposed to eat, so my meals have taken me awhile each time to get it all down... But everything's been tasty. The one thing I think will be hardest for me to balance is the pre/post workout. I teach Hot Yoga, but don't think I should consider classes that I teach a workout... Only classes I take... PreWO food I think will be a little hard, food on the tummy in a Hot Yoga room is not the best feeling! Any advice from anyone who's done it would be much appreciated. I was also a vegetarian until yesterday so that will also be an interested (but so far quite tasty) adjustment!

Day 1:

Breakfast - 3 egg muffins (about 2.5 eggs, 2/3 of a zucchini, and 1/2 cup spinach)

Lunch - dark green leafy lettuce w/ roast beef and celeriac slaw

Before I taught my second class I had a green juice... I know juicing isn't encouraged, but we carry them at the studio... The one I had was only green veggie with a little bit of lemon

Dinner - went out to dinner with previous plans I had on my first night and think I did pretty good. Just some meat from a charcuterie board as an app... Salad w/ pear, pumpkin seeds, pancetta, grilled chicken, and evoo and lemon juice for dressing

There was no point in the day that I was hungry. The hardest thing to resist was a glass of wine at the restaurant.

Day 2:

So far

Breakfast - 3 eggs w/ a handful of spinach, 2 slices of tomato, half an avocado

Lunch - Delicious tuna salad w/ parsley, capers, oranges, red onion, garlic, radishes, evoo, red wine vinegar on a bed of spinach

Planned for the rest of the day

PreWO - 1 egg muffin (maybe)

PostWO - slices of turkey breast and a few cubes of roasted sweet potato

Dinner - Coconut chicken breast and roasted Brussels sprouts... Probably also a small salad w/ carrots, tomatoes, spinach, evoo, and lemon juice

So much eating! But full is better than hungry :)

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Why wouldn't you consider teaching worthy of more food? I'm getting ready to go through instructor training for Water in Motion and I'm pretty sure I'll get at least as good a workout as my students.


Full is definitely better than hungry! You will get the hang of it. Some days I'm hungrier than others so I just adjust accordingly.

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re: food before yoga, do what feels good to you. When I take hot yoga at 6am, and I eat a single hardboiled egg about 1/2 hour before, mostly because it is good for hormonal balance to eat right when you get up in the morning. It seems to be fine in my stomach for class.


When I take hot yoga later in the day, I don't do a pre-workout meal at all, and that also works great.


Generally whole9 wisdom is to do the pre-workout if you feel it improves performance, but not worry about it too much. Post workout food is much more important.

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Hi!  I love hot yoga.  I don't generally eat anything before my afternoon or evening classes.  I, like Mary, would eat something small before an early morning class, though.  I don't like doing yoga on a full stomach.


From another former veg, if you find you are having trouble digesting all the meat, I highly recommend HCL enzymes.  They made a huge difference when I started them. 


Good luck!

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From another former veg, if you find you are having trouble digesting all the meat, I highly recommend HCL enzymes.  They made a huge difference when I started them. 


I went to Whole Foods last night and purchased their "Wholezymes" I only looked at the active ingredients when I was in the store and when I got home and read the inactives, both rice flour and rice bran were on the list. Clearly this is not Whole30 friendly. I can just use these after my 30 days, but do you have a particular brand that you like?

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I use NOW Super Enzymes and NOW HCL.  I have ordered them from Amazon or purchased them at my local health food store.  I'm sure Whole Foods has them, too.  I take one Super Enzyme with each meal and one HCL with each meal that includes meat (I usually skip it when eggs is my protein).  I have been taking them since April or so.  I recently tried to wean off them, but it didn't go well.  I was kind of bummed by that but as long as they help, I'm fine continuing to use them. 

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By the way, is Rocket yoga a real thing or just something my studio made up?  The instructor sprung it on us last night at hot yoga.  It was good to pull me out of my comfort zone and it was hard!  I missed the zen-like flow of the familiar routine in the dark hot room, but I appreciated the efforts to get us to do harder poses.  I'm nowhere near doing headstands or handstands, but I think if I keep going to rocket, I will get there. 

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Ok. Day 3

M1 - 3 eggs muffins, a few bites of sweet potatoes, and brussel sprouts (this took me an hour to eat everything!)

PostWO - two strips of coconut chicken and sweet potatoes

M2 - postWO was at 2:15 so I didn't eat M2 until 3:30 - leftover lettuce wrap with roast beef and celeriac slaw

M3 - spicy mexican soup w/ chicken, poblano pepper, celery, carrot, onion and 1/2 an avocado... yum!

I'm finding Saturday morning a little difficult because I teach two yoga classes, one at 8am and one at 10am - doesn't give much time for morning eating! Before class I had a hard boiled egg and right now I'm snacking on spinach w/ tuna salad leftovers - I'll probably also have a green juice to get some more nutrients in.

So far, I haven't had the sugar cravings I thought I would... and I'm still never stomach grumbling hungry!

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I think it sounds like something your studio made up! We all have our special little titles for fun things we do... and it's always good to pull out of your comfort zone... That's part of the reason we come to the yoga room! And it's like magic when one day you can just all of a sudden get into a headstand or crow or any other crazy posture you never imagines was possible :)

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The rest of Day 4 went like this:

M2 - leftover soup for the night before, and half an avocado

Snack - since this was the first day I felt like I needed a snack, I would definitely agree that there's something to be said for large breakfast helping to keep you satiated all day! I cut up two carrots into carrot sticks and made some Whole30 friendly ranch dressing and sat down to watch some college football :)

M3 got a little tricky... I went out on a first date last night, such a fun thing to do when you know you can't have wine! I told the guy I was limited in my out to dinner food selection, and gave him the basics of what I could eat... He wanted to surprise me with the location... I probably should've said no to that idea, but it seemed so nice! So, he took me to this super old world well known restaurant in south Florida... Again, great in theory... But not the kind of place with a large menu...

I had a salad, which was fine... And then fish, which I asked to be simply grilled, and sweet potatoes, as that was the only "vegetable" option close to being Whole30 friendly. I'm pretty sure that there was some butter on the fish... I took a tiny bite of the sweet potatoes, and can guarantee those were loaded with bad things, so stayed away from them... There was also some sort of squash on my plate, it was pretty tasteless, I also just had a few bites, they seemed to be weighed down in some sort of oil... So, really I ate salad and part of a piece of fish, that probably had butter... I had a bit of a tummy ache after dinner.

Lesson learned to say no to surprises so I can always do my own menu check, or even call ahead to a place like that and fake a dairy allergy!

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Day 5 was yummy! I'm so happy to be back in my kitchen cooking again and going to the grocery store and buying all this real foods that I know will become delicious meals. Meal planned for the week today... Made sure to plan quick, or meals I know I can pre-make for busy days, and the more time intensive stuff when I can move slower... Also went to the beach today. Living in Florida is always excellent :)

M1 - bed of spinach, 3 eggs, half an avocado, slices of tomato, hot sauce, coffee

M2 - turned leftover chicken in chicken salad w/ grapes, pecans, celery, and olive oil mayo... Also peeled Brussels sprouts and roasted them with some coconut oil to make them chip-like (might've had a few extra grapes cause they were just so tasty!)

M3 - curried cauliflower and carrot soup that I got from the recipe sharing forum here - big yum!

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I'm afraid I didn't. Coming right out of being a vegetarian, I thought I could use an evening off. I did order the NOW supplements suggested above by pjena to help me digest, and I'm sure that will help me not only enjoy how these re-introduced meats taste, but also how they move through me! (they're in slow motion right now)

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Day 6... Ok, getting a little graphic... But my bowels are not seeming to agree with this whole meat eating idea. Almost nothing is coming out the other side. This is NOT normal for me. I'm usually uber regular with plenty of satisfying waste to dispose. I even drank a digestive kombucha today, which I am not a fan of, AND had a cup of coffee this morning. NOTHING came out the other side today. I'm very hopeful this changes soon.

What I ate:

M1 - 3 egg muffins, green salsa, Brussels sprouts

Kombucha midday

M2 - tuna salad (can of tuna, olive oil mayo, black olives, sundried tomatoes, jalapeños, dash of Dijon) on a bed of leafy greens and chopped tomato

PostWO - Waldorf chicken salad and sweet potato... Coconut water, was feeling pretty dehydrated... Extra sweaty hot yoga sesh this evening

M3 - I had to force this one into myself, PostWO was at 8:30... Mexican soup leftovers, I only got down like 2/3 of the bowl... This wasn't my plan for what to eat, but I was just not hungry so couldn't motivate myself to cook and the soup was in the fridge

I'm definitely dragging this evening and just looked at the "what to expect" page and saw that's totally normal today and tomorrow... I just really hope this not as normal lack of poop changes in the very very near future. Will be drinking more coffee in the morning... Maybe with some coconut oil and ghee in it... I've heard this helps.

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You're doing great. It's normal to have negative affects at first.  Hopefully, the enzymes will help once they arrive.  I did everything ever suggested on the boards - ate sweet potatoes, sauteed greens, coconut milk in my coffee, kombucha, magnesium, super enzymes, etc, and nothing worked until I started the HCL, which made total sense to me going from years and years of little to no meat to quite a bit.  I hope it works as well for you!  Start with 1 per meal and if that doesn't help, maybe try 2 per meal.  I really only needed one per meal and it helped almost immediately.  Hang in there!

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pjena, you're reassurance is much appreciated! The "Super Enzymes" arrived in time for dinner today... But looks like I have to wait just a few more days for the HCL... Hopefully this will start the easier digestion process!

Yesterday (Day 7) was a pretty easy day. I was actually a little hungry at dinner time for the first time since I started. Meals looked like this:

M1 - 3 scrambled eggs, sautéed spinach, few slices of tomato, half an avocado, coffee

M2 - half a sweet potato topped w/ 1 fried egg, sautéed mushrooms, kale, and onions

Sort of snack - cold pressed juice w/ pineapple, cucumber, mint, and alkaline water (I had 2 hot yoga classes to teach, and had already taught a 90min private... I needed some hydration help!)

M3 - Chipotle - lettuce, carnitas, all the salsas except corn, guac

Today (Day 8) was an angry and tired day! It didn't lead to any sugar cravings... But it did lead to a necessary midday nap!

M1 - egg salad w/ 2 hard boiled eggs and half an avocado, green juice w/ pear, chard, kale, cucumber

M2 - burger patty w/ the leftovers of yesterday's lunch toppings, a bunch of kale chips, handful of red grapes

M3 - curry carrot and cauliflower soup w/ some curry and spice seasoned chicken breast

Sipping on some before bed tea right now mixed with a few scoops of a little coconut milk mixture I found in the recipes forum... It's blended with an egg, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, and half a vanilla bean scraped... It's nice little topper for a spiced tea or coffee.

Hopefully I'll sleep off this snarky attitude... I know what would change my mood around.. If those enzymes help flow things out!

Now that the government is confirmed to reopen (good Lord that was ridiculous) I'm gonna watch some Top Chef and crawl into bed :)

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Had a few long days at the yoga studio and now I'm going to try to remember lots of days of eating. Today is Day 13... last night was my first food dream. I was eating those off brand big jelly beans, not something I would ever normally want, unless maybe it was Easter! but I guess the fact that they are pure sugar probably had my brain going!


I'm still waiting for my digestive tract to figure out this meat eating thing - should have HCL in my mailbox today, so I'm very hopeful that that will help. Right now I'm getting the feeling that my body just doesn't love regular meat eating, but I'll give it the full 30 days before making any real decisions.


I also see why Day 10 is the most likely to quit day. For whatever reason, I wanted bad things that whole day... I actually decided not to go out to a movie that night because I thought the candy and popcorn would be too much!


ok... here's what I ate:


Day 9

M1 - egg salad w/ half an avocado, green juice

M2 - chicken and carrot and cauliflower curry soup

M3 - zucchini pasta (yum, this will definitely be a new life staple), tomato sauce w/ mushrooms and ground turkey


Day 10

I WANTED CANDY... I didn't have it though. Someone sent me a thank you gift in the mail that was those ridiculously good dark chocolate covered pomegranates that they sell at Costco. I hid them from myself... out of sight, out of mind!

M1 - 3 eggs, spinach, half and avocado, slices of tomato, coffee

M2 - roasted brussel topped w/ the marinara sauce from the night before... this was really yummy. Also a handful of grapes

Snack - green juice

M3 - not my best meal, but like I said not much has been moving through me, so I haven't always had much of an appetite. I figure once in awhile this is ok. Handful of grapes, one carrot cut into sticks, an apple... carrots and apple dipped into sunflower butter


Day 11

M1 - chicken and brussel sprouts (I knew I'd be having breakfast for lunch, so I figured I'd have lunch for breakfast!)

M2 - out to eat at First Watch. Omelet w/ roasted vegetables, green salad w/ evoo and squeezed lemons, coffee

Snack - a few bites of the marinara w/ turkey and mushrooms and an apple

M3 - zucchini pasta with the last of the sauce

I went out to a bar Saturday night to watch some college football. Didn't realize how much I would want to drink at a bar, I've never really been a big drinker. Sometimes I think we just want what we can't have! I just had soda water with lime and also some guac w/ carrot sticks


Day 12

M1 - 3 eggs, spinach, half an avocado, tomato slices, coffee

M2 - out to eat at a whole foods market, turkey burger patty w/ veggies mixed in, kale salad, thumbprint "cookie" (walnut, date, coconut, apricot), an apple

M3 - burger patty topped w/ guac and a half a sweet potato - this was really just all that was left in my fridge... going grocery shopping today!


I've been having a cup of tea every night.. It's been a good substitute for late night snacking. I'm meal planning for the rest of the week right now. I have this afternoon off so I can go grocery shopping and do some cooking prep so I'm ready for my busier days :)

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Have you tried increasing your starchy vegie intake to help get things moving? The HCL should help too!

Remember that paleofied foods, like cookies - even when made with compliant ingredients - aren't part of the whole 30. Juices are discouraged too - definitely avoid them on their own with no protein or fat.

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I knew that vegan/paleo "cookie" was a technical rule breaker  ;)


I know juicing is discouraged, but that one is hard for me to adhere by. I've juiced for a few years, and I get top quality organic cold-pressed juice at no charge. I don't typically have them everyday, and they aren't changing the quantity of vegetables I eat with my 3 meals.


As far as starchy vegetables - what do you recommend besides carrots and sweet potatoes? I'm not a fan of parsnips. Definitely open to suggestions!


And I started the HCL yesterday... taking two with each meal so hopefully that helps!

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Just because something is free, and organic, doesn't mean you have to have it! I was having 2-3 juices and smoothies a day prior to my whole 30, so I know where you're coming from...

Other starchy carbs you could try are beetroot, pumpkin, and butternut squash. They're all delicious roasted, and fresh beetroot is also good in salads. Pumpkin, butternut and sweet potato make great soup too!

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